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PS4 Launch Trailer [Video]

minor fixes:
Good stuff. Parappa as graffiti on the wall fills me with hope. Music sounds like a carbon copy of Kasabian's Underdog though.
Out of curiosity, did Sony ever show the original "#4theplayers" ad on TV? I know it's 3 and a 1/2 minutes long, but I think it could have had an incredible effect if it was shown during a football match or before a big new cinema release.


I can't be the only one who thinks these are
? I'm all for PS4 hype but these commercials remind me of the days where cartoons had crossovers.


Does anyone recognise the logo on the side of the vehicle at 26 seconds? (top right of the frame).

It's small, but it's obviously been placed there on purpose.

Looks like the Heavy Rain origami in the centre at 46 seconds?

And whats the white irobot style droid from? It's behind the bus stop at 10 seconds and a couple of them off to the left at 45 seconds.


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Firefly logo from The Last of Us;
Though I'd not take this (Or anything in this video, actually) as confirmation for PS4 TLOU; there's Heavy Rain and Tearaway references in it too.


What's with the weird sudden change of tone/pace at 0:34? I don't even understand what's happening with the watch_dogs 'windows' and the world rotating except for some guy in a suit doing the MJ lean. help i'm confuse


Seems like there's a load of PS references in there so I wouldn't get too excited about anything tbh.

Strange choice to use the origami from Heavy Rain, that will be picked up on by like 5% of the audience, if that. Maybe that's the idea though.


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Love these. The attention to detail and the sheer amount of references in these Playstation ads make them great for me!
icos in there aswell...or kid with horned helmet crossing the street.. with his mum, 16 secs

So is the guy from the new assassins creed.. 6 seconds in
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