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PS4 Launch Trailer [Video]




this orange symbol looks familiar, tearaway.. psvita, iRobot from DAvid Cage and the tLoU symbol, right?

what'S the orange symbol from?

ah and thanks for the helgast answer to my last question, haven't played Killzone franchise ^^

this video is gold
theres something/someone blurred as the camera pans at 21 seconds.. in between driveclub and before the parappa right in the middle in front of the blurred garage front


icos in there aswell...or kid with horned helmet crossing the street.. with his mum, 16 secs

So is the guy from the new assassins creed.. 6 seconds in

I see!

But what does this all mean... I'll miss the show tonight cause I'll be grabbing my Ps4.


Really liking all the characters they folded into the trailer...is anyone finding the "This is for the players" voiceover annoying and kind of piercing. I liked the last trailer but especially when he starts yelling i just want to mute the video


The font used in CID'S barbershop is the exact same font used in Final Fantasy VII Logo, and that dude coming out of there has cloud's haircut.
Realistically it's just a fan service advertisement of iconic Playstation games since the inception of the brand.

... fuck it, let's get hype!


args, HL3, yeah I wouldn't take anything in this video as confirmation....BUT I'm damned well hoping for everything!
The Heavy Rain Origami is in the background.

Ah, so thats what they were teasing. Some rumor was suggesting a Heavy Rain PS4 reveal, oh boy, some folks are gonna be disappointed.

Btw, the part at the end....chills over my body. These games meets life PS trailers have been awesome thus far!


The guy in the Greatness Awaits ad was much better about hyping it up, in this one he just starts shouting.

Its not entirely evident at the start of the ad that its the guy who's perspective we're seeing is the one doing the talking. It just sounds like a voice over. So its a bit jarring when he gets pulled out the cab, which at first seems like its Aidens voice, but then it continues after hes out the shot.

Its always difficult with first person perspective to figure things out without an establishing shot of the character, which for the purpose of this ad is us so would have been impossible to do.

The shouting only sounds weird because the background noise doesn't warrant the shouting. It needs more atmospheric noise!


time to take my meds
without being cheesy, this is truly for the fans/gamers. no way the general population would get even 90% of these references.
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