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PS4 Launch Trailer [Video]


Oct 11, 2006
Fantastic trailer! Visually impressive and filled with a myriad of PS related references!
Great job on this one...


Oct 17, 2007
I think the Tearaway poster is pretty important, because that's a game that definitely won't be on the PS4 which then means that again the '4thePlayers' is more of a general thing with anecdotes of the past that not necessarily have any connection with the PS4.

Tearaway may not be on the PS4 but it's certainly not from the past either, it's an unreleased game.


Jun 19, 2013
a new topic might be best, but i'm not allowed to do so, so i'll post it here

thats all i could find in the video, sorted by appearence in the trailer:

unknown stuff i marked with ==> unknown - unknown
i have made this list for a website i help out with (http://mediaminions.de/players-ps4-launch-trailer-und-seine-geheimnisse-analysiert/) so if you wann help to complete the list, search for unknown - unknown and comment ^^ thanks!

Ryu - Streetfighter

Helghast Logo upside down - Killzone

PS+ Logo - Playstation Plus

Edward Kenway - Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

E. Kenway & Sons Shop - Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant - The Last of Us

unknown - unknown

Tearaway Advertisement - Tearaway

unknown - unknown

unknown - unknown

inFamous: Second Son Poster - inFamous: Second Son

Knack Poster - Knack

Resident Evil Dog - Resident Evil

Killzone Shadow Fall Poster - Killzone Shadow Fall

Driveclub Poster - #DRIVECLUB

Resistance Logo Jacket - Restiance

Destiny Movie Thingy - Destiny

Ico Cosplayer - Ico

White Tank - Battlefield

unknown - unknown

unknown - unknown

Driveclub racing car - #DRIVECLUB

unknown - unknown

Parappa the Rapper

Cid's Barber Shop & Spiky blonde dude - Final Fantasy VII

Drakes Antiques - Uncharted

unknown - unknown

Helghast Logo & PS+ Logo - Killzone & Playstation Plus

unknown - unknown (Lair 2, TESO, Skyrim, etc.)

unknown - unknown (possibly Raccoon City Police Department)

unknown - unknown Building Letters

Knack Main Protagonist - Knack

unknown - unknown (Yellow License Plate - The Getaway?)

The Order 1886 - The Order 1886

unknown - unknown

Latte Owl - inFamous: Second Son

Deslin - inFamous: Second Son

PS+ Logo - Playstation Plus

unknown - unknown (__OVIBLUE Bank)

DualShock 4 Controller Share Button - DualShock 4 Controller

Weapon Interface Watch_Dogs - Watch_Dogs

Watch_Dogs Gameplay - Watch_Dogs

Destiny Poster - Destiny

unknown - unknown

unknown - unknown

Jodie Holmes - Beyond: Two Souls

unknown - unknown

unknown - unknown (suspiciously looking guy with an umbrella)

unknown - unknown (Watch_Dogs Main Character with logo on cap

unknown - unknown (Bulding not fitting in the scenery)

Thing from Killzone - Killzone

unknown - unknown 3 Robots -

Heacy Rain Origami - Heavy Rain

Helghast Army - Killzone

Crash Bandicoot Arrow to Sony Logo Simplyfied - Crash Bandicoot returning to Playstation?

unknown - unknown - self repairing taxi

Helghast Logo - Killzone

Helicopter Thingy - Killzone

unknown - unknown (Professor from Knack?)

Helghast Soldier - Killzone

unknown - unknown (suspiciouly looking symbol on Building

Metropol - Killzone

Destiny Planet - Destiny


Jun 16, 2013
This was just aired on British TV during half-time for the England match.

Much better quality than Youtube and it was definitely Crash!