PS4 PRO 4K native games (will update the list everytime there is a new game)

- Added Fifa 18, PES 2018.
- Added Hatsune Miku - Future Tone:
- Added Added Star Ocean 4 Remaster:

The options that are available:

Screem Resolution: 3840x2160, 2560x1440,1920x1080,1280x720 (Last option cannot be selected for me, I'm playing on a 1080p monitor)

Shadow Buffer: Standard, 2x,4x
AA: FXAA3,FXAA2, FXAA soO, None, Off (Off is not selectable for me)
Camera Blur: On, Off
Depth of Field: On, Off
Character Display Distance:Close, Medium, Far
Self-Shadowing: On, Off
Texture Resolution: Low, High
Everyone here knows the new God of War is going to bring the heat. Cannot wait.
I imagine 2160CB, man that team is so good, I definitely await the quality of their CB implementation and their AA methods. I hope NX Gamer is around to give us one of his tech breakdowns....whatever makes it to the final game will be amazing.