PS4 SDK updates hint at possibly allowing PSN ID changes in the future?


Sat alone in a boggy marsh
Apr 25, 2014
It must have dawned on them with the PSN 10th anniversary sale, people that were 19 when they created their PSN ID are now almost 30.
Or someone like me who made the account when he was 10 ( and made it super edgy) is now turning 20, and I refuse to let anyone see my account or add me.

Can't wait to change my name if true. Would pay so much money
Glad this my finally happen. There's not that much wrong with my PSN name TBH, it's just boring as all hell. I just hope they give us a good few months notice so I can come up with something that reflects just how awesome I really am
I can then book end it with no less than 4 Xs
It's such a stupid thing, especially when my name is inoffensive but my god I want this. Want to make my username in line with my Twitter username etc and I'll be very happy. It's obviously something they did poorly when creating the service as they would have made it happen by now if it were that easy. Glad to see they might be laying the groundwork to make it happen.

Hopefully we all get a free name change once a year or something to prevent abuse, and small fee if you like to change it more often.
Dec 9, 2013
Oh God yes. Every user should be offered at least one free change. After that they can charge for the operation or limit it to once per year, I don't care.