PS4 Tomb Raider runs at 60 fps


Quote at 50:35
Q Uh frames per second?

A So looking here this is the PS4 version and its 60 fps and again thats 1080p so thats awesome for us to be able to ship this.

Q I would have said thats 60… So were just talking about the PS4 version.

A Right that’s what were looking at today.
Will the Xbox One also run at 60? Notice they say specifically "Just" PS4 right after the info about FPS. Hmmm.

More FPS details at 59:20 again saying PS4 is running at 60.
Haha, no fucking way.

That would be an ass storm of the century.

No way though.

Won't believe it till SE says so.

edit: IF the Xbox version runs only at 30 though.
I played a preview build today and unless they've changed it for final release, it was definitely 60FPS.
I saw the PS4 build today too running at 60fps, but maybe not completely locked.
Disclaimer: I do not recall PR saying it was 60fps, or any FPS for that matter, so please don't take my word as fact. However, as I was playing other games there as well, the Tomb Raider build on PlayStation 4 definitely looked 60fps with slight dips by comparison to other titles on show and my own experience with 60fps titles. If someone were to ask me "What framerate was Tomb Raider HD on PS4 running?" I wouldn't hesitate to say "Targeting and seemingly usually hitting 60fps".
No, I mean, I don't understand where the reports of "Tomb Raider runs at 30fps" are coming from when having seen and played the PlayStation 4 build today it seemed on average to be far closer if not sitting on 60fps. The framerate is unlocked in the sense that it's not locked 60fps; it did have some dips. But the dips were pretty small of the little I played/saw. I like to think I know a 30fps game when I see it, and this did not look 30fps. It looked 60fps, or very close to.


Tears in the rain
Probably a mistake eh? Otherwise...shit doesn't change jack for me. Still getting for my Quad!

It runs at 60FPS for 95% of the time. This was already confirmed yesterday. 3 of us went to the same event, played the game and had it confirmed by PR.
Like I said in the other thread, would be pretty awesome if true, although the price is still too high.

Although still waiting for more official confirmations.

Also, will lol if the X1 version stays at 30.
Several people on this forum (including EatChildren) went to some event and confirmed it was 60fps, although there were some drops.
Hmm...interesting. And now having watched the video, they do linger on that framerate and the person who said it was from the development team...very interesting.