PS4 XMB @ EuroGamer Expo (Off screen footage)

By user: Wasif064 who was at the EuroGamer Expo.


Additional information from Chris Kohler. It's also not called the XMB anymore.

Things learnt from this video:
Settings - "Set the screen size of the TV to optimize the 3D view"
Settings - Menu Music can be disabled
Settings - Key Tone can be disabled
Settings - "System Storage Management" is a sub-menu
Settings - "PlayStation App Connection Settings" is a sub-menu
Main Menu - The "www" icon is indeed "Internet Browser"
Main Menu - The "down arrow" icon on the far right is indeed "Downloads"
Notification Settings - Can enable/disable: Friend Requests, Name Requests(?), Invitations, Trophies, Game Alerts(?), Download Status...
Oh boy... cam back from a busy day going to watch now

edit: quite quick moving from different options menu... wished he stayed at the game cursor though to see how fast it loads up the Resogun image
What is with all the cameramen at the Eurogamer expo? All of them are literally few feet away from the TV,


edit: On topic, simple and fast interface. Looks good, now we just need that kind of performance in the PSN store.
Looks fast and smooth, and also very beautiful. Amazing UI. Great work Sony.

Those 3.5GBs of GDDR5 RAM put to good use.

I mean 1.5 GBs. or 1GB. or 2GBs. Did we ever find out exactly how much is allocated to the XMB?
If the store actually works in a snappy manner this time I'll be happy, the current PS store is a nightmare to use and ugly as sin. I still think the whole thing looks 2 steps cheaper than other OS's in the world, but thats just a style/design choice.
looks quick

display name change? ( prob not)

name requests?
I'll explain since I am working on a PS4 game.

Display Name change allows you to add (and change) your real name. So alongside your PSN ID you can have your real name, and edit it at will :) This is seperate from your PSN ID though.

The two requests are so you can send requests to real names, and PSN names separately.