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Opinion Game Dev Platform PS5 and Xbox Series X CPU Gap is Negligible, Says Developer of Monster Energy Supercross

Dec 10, 2020
It could the devs of a "demanding" game like the escapists. But if it fits the fanboys narrative, its gospel lol.

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Finally a real engineer 不不

Looks who's talking
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I cry about Microsoft. A lot.
Mar 22, 2020
I mean raw power days are numbered. It's the optimization that will always wins the game, i.e only time will tell.

I mean Intel is still in the game just because of optimization rather than getting into lower nm scale.
Well they thus far lack the engineering expertise and know how to make efficient sub 14nm CPU's.


Oct 26, 2014
20% (30% when PS5 doesn't boost) of advantage is mentioned on TF side of things, both figures are reasonable.
Come on you know full well it wasn't just TF side of things. Are you completely ignoring the rest of the post on purpose just to be right? It's right there:

The difference in power is massive this time, bigger than this gen. XsX will end up being twice as powerful as PS5.
There was nothing reasonable about that post and months later it was shown none of it was factual because the games and analysis came out.
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