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PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars Is Getting Bots Because Not Enough People Are Playing


I would say i deleted after a few goes due to the bland characters designs in the game, but then again playing the game wasnt much fun either , cant wait for ratchet to come out it will be the first game for me to justify having a ps5


They had 1 chance to make this game sucessfull, and missed the oportunity by releasing a game with very few content and locking single player stuff behind paywalls. Game was also very unbalenced by having some characters very OP while others was completely useless.

Alot of ppl already tried the game, had fun for a week or 2, got bored and moved on for something better. Even if they keep improving the game, balancing the characters and adding content, its already very hard to keep ppl interested.

Its dead.
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I'm just going to selfishly point out that in the last month before Driveclub servers shutdown and long after Sony banned you from buying it, the game still had players, and on weekends you could find full servers.

I have nothing against All Stars, but these developers, alongside the ones that joined codemasters, should still be together and named Evolution Studios, doing work on what would now be Driveclub3 por PS5.

I bought driveclub a few weeks ago based on people’s opinions on this forum. I have no idea why people like it. Distinctly average and even worse now half the fuckin menus don’t work and every race starts with a red banner across the screen saying something about not being connected to the server. Why do people not give Sony shit for this? At least they could have patched the game before switching servers off to alleviate these issues. But no. They don’t care. All they care about is $$$


LoL at the character selection i had never looked. Seems like the SJW team got ahold of the character creator.

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