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PS5 Firmware Update In March Will Add Variable Refresh Rate and 4K/120 FPS Support

wait, something I recall is that the PS5 have is own VRR or I am wrong?

I believe you are referring to VRS, which Sony apparently has its own solution for (from what I read). VRR is adaptive vsync to smooth out framerate dips. Variable Rate Shading (VRS) is a render technique designed to provide a performance boost at little (or no) image quality cost (theoretically) by "applying full GPU shading horsepower to detailed areas of the scene, and less GPU horsepower to less detailed areas."

I could be way off, I am not an expert, just going off what I read here and there. Someone slap me silly if I am wrong.


After the whole rdna 3 feature fiasco im skeptical about believing these so called "insiders".

What RDNA3 fiasco is that ?

We still do not know anything about Ps5 geometry engine or the sony patent implementation on its CU design and how it processes vertices in a different order and compression to LDS ? Or are you geting confused with something else ?

However, I tend to ingore most of mores law and RGT, they get their info from others if thats what you mean.
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Riky a few of us were having a light hearted joke at your vrr obsession. Instead you turn that into yet another ridiculous console war post. Reread your post not everything has to be some sad console war.

The ps5 has expandable storage you know this already. There’s just none commercial ones fast enough yet. Have fun paying nearly $200 for 1tb proprietary storage with no other options though.

Why are you engaging with his nonsense, he’s just trolling.
He does have a point though and it's one of those things I wish Sony got right out of the gate.
It's all good though mate. Just good banter in this thread.

PS5 trying to catch up with Xbox, that's good for all gamers.
Xbox has been doing the catching up since early years of Xbox 360 but yes competition is good and we need these two to be at each others throats because we benefit in the end.

Now just waiting on Sony's GamePass competitor and a look at Xbox's first party studios.


options are always better
This is true.
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