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Ps5 - uninstalled PS4 version keeps reinstalling


Nov 6, 2016

So here's the deal. There are PS4 games which came with a free ps5 upgrade. But why keeping both if you play only the ps5 version? Unfortunately usi g the ps5 version which is digital requires using the disc. But then it will reinstall automatically the ps4 version.

Any ideas?


Feb 21, 2016
We have some technical PS5 experts on the forum that should be able to help you
Destiny 2 hit the XSX and PS5 the same day. On the XSX I booted it up, the game updated and I was playing. On PS5 I booted it up and it started updating the PS4 BC game. I had to stop that update and uninstall Destiny 2. Then I found it on the PS store and downloaded it again. When I did that the system started downloading BOTH the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. I had to go online and see which version was the PS4 version and stop that download again. Once it was downloaded you had to make sure the licenses were correct for the stuff you own and get those parts again. It was a total pain and I expect better from Sony.
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