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PSA Knights of The Old Republic 2 on switch cannot be completed.


And they acknowledged the issue and are working on it. 🤷‍♀️



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Re-releasing an old game for some minor touch ups only to screw it up and make it unfinishable without a patch.

This gen of gaming is something else....


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Is it really too much to ask that modern “game journalists” actually play a game more than two hours?

A real review. A godly, just review.

Even though I dislike this final fantasy tactics... The reviews they've posted are very good. These are video game analysts

Apparently Aspyr fuck the game up and switch owners are shit out of luck trying to finish the game. Patch is eta 2022 lol.
Also, can game reviewers finish the damn games before putting up a review. I can handle jank and bugs, I draw the line when I can't roll credits on a game I just bought.


they speak to you meristation.
Cool that they fix it only because it got blasted by mainstream gaming websites. Now maybe they put in that cut content I can start the game.

While Aspyr previously offered a workaround for the bug, it said it has now been fixed in an update that “addresses our top player-reported issues”.

While I didn't encounter any game breaking bugs I did have a ton of crashes, more than a dozen in the 15 hours or so I put in, so I hope that is part of the patch.
Think I'm just gonna wait for the restored content before I try again.


Recently played the first one on Android to the end and its incredible how these companies make quick ports with heavy bugs like thes. For me it was the save states they get corrupted and you have to backup your save, delete the cache, reinstall game, paste the save. Every single time it happens.
Was tempted to get the sequel on switch but no thanks, guess will replay on PC.
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