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PSN (NA) Totally digital sale, The Witness, Inside, Cosmic Star Herione, Snake Pass


Will probably get Cosmic Star Heroine.

I'm tempted to get some of the SNK fighters but I know myself well enough to know that I'll probably play them for like two hours and never touch them again.
Hmm... Machinarium for $3 sounds good I guess.

I hope Transistor goes on sale soon.

Also, the title of the sale is a lie... Talos Principle has a physical version. lol
Damn. I want Salt and Sanctuary, Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Snake Pass, Cosmic Star Heroine and The Witness/The Talos Principle (I can't decide between the two).

And this is only week one?


Man they should have sales like this more often. As a mostly physical guy I don't care about sales of "big" games unless they're like $3.

Insta-bought Cosmic Star Heroine. Been itching to play it but I was waiting for the Vita version... I still am but not sure if I'll resist much longer.

And yeah, grab Salt and Sanctuary if you like Metroidvanias and/or Souls games, guys. Game is wonderful.

Is Salt and Sanctuary co-op?

It does feature co-op, yeah.

I see Darkest Dungeon as "handpicked" but price remains the same.. is it just my wishlist or..?

It shows Pyre for me and it's not even out lol.


I've been wanting to check out Late Shift, looks like a good price. Heard good things, and I love FMV games so hopefully I enjoy it


Honestly considering buying Skull Girls again cause I know I'll play it more on PS4 than on Steam. Still not fully into PC gaming.


I highly recommend Soma and Inside if there are people still on the fence about those two. Truly genre defining games imo.

I think I am finally getting Darkest Dungeon.


That's a great price for Darkest Dungeon. Get it if you're interested guys, the game is amazing.
Can't decide if I get it now or wait for iOS version, I am around my iPad sooooo much and the devs made it sound like it's coming soon.


I've been wanting Snake Pass for a while now, definitely going to buy it on this sale and a couple more games you all suggested.


I figured this was it but it shows with the standard pre-order price I think? Maybe it's not updated yet.

That is the discount, I think, $17.99 instead of $19.99. Guess they just added it to highlight it. I would be incredibly sour if it wasn't, because I just preorderd Hellblade yesterday, which is also highlighted.
What other games is this similar to?
Same questions for Teslagrad and Salt & Sanctuary...
Please fill me in peeps!

Salt & Sanctuary is 2D Dark Souls.

Teslagrad is a light puzzle-platformer, though I do not know what to compare it to.

Darkest Dungeon is a hardcore dungeon-dweller RPG.
Cmon....not one post that Patapon has a release date???? FEVEEEEERRRRR

NA: August 1st



Damn, so many great games discounted and i'm broke!!! Even though i'm tempted to get cosmic star heroin... Hoping hyperlight drift also appears in the following weeks.


I know it is probably a hot mess but really tempted to get Robot Golf for VR funsies.

I want CSH but am hoping at some point I can play it on my portable of choice.


Incredibly Naive
I hated this, like all physics puzzle games knowing the solution isn't enough, you then have to get lucky with the way the pieces fall and hope it's in your favour. Gameplay just lacks fun as a result.

Pretty great sale overall though, will grab CSH for sure, and have a good look at anything else that people recommend that I don't yet have.

Doubling this. Not a good game.


Are the controls for Darkest Dungeon manageable? Heard it was real horrible but I really like it on the go..

The controls on vita are not good but didn't have any problem with the ps4 version. Game is great and totally worth 10 bucks!
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