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PSN Sale (NA) - PS+ Specials/EA Action

I told myself I would buy persona 5 if i ever got one of those 20% off codes but a 20% off sale counts in my book. Yak0 i feel i should be able to grab for like $20 this year and I've never played a yak game before. Titanfall 2 i only want to play the campaign, have no interest in multiplayer.

Yakuza 0 Just has that look about it I guess. But $10 says you like it better than P5 and Titanfall. Probably one of the games that actually deserves it's price and slow discounts.


does every one share the dancing animations for video games or something? lol

Dancing animations sold me on ghost trick, a great game



Sam Shodown 6 is just alright. It's the PS2 game in the PS4 emulator, so it still carries some jank such as loading(though reasonable) and some slight latency stuff. It's mostly fine though.

Game is just ok. It's like a Sam Sho museum in that it literally throws a metric fuckton of fighters at you and almost all can be played using like 10 different "styles" or gameplay rules from past games(play this new character with SS1 or SS2 rules! Anything goes!). A few original and new gimmick styles added too for all characters to mess with. It's all insanely overwhelming really and less exciting than it sounds(actually wish it was relegated to a special mode and they just stuck with something consistent for normal play).

AI is cheap too and not very enjoyable to fight. I do love the sheer volume of content, but arcade mode is just the usual SNK frustration I found. Movelists are pretty big and difficult to learn. It's just so overstuffed that it can actually push you away more than draw you in, at least that's my experience.

Actually the PS2 version loads as fast if not faster than the original Atomiswave game.


Is the scene still active?

I haven't played it in a while myself, but if it's not still active, then it's a crime. One of the better multiplayer games out there for sure.

I'm personally really torn on a lot of the games on sale. I've added and removed the same games from my cart multiple times because I'm so indecisive. I'm torn on whether I want these: Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Human Fall Flat, Salt & Sanctuary, and 2064 Read Only Memories.


Now why the hell did they not offer a discount on locoroco. I was not going to pay 15 for that. But I bought both the other two remasters on sale. BOO HOO.

Dancing animations sold me on ghost trick, a great game

That's really good. I like how the keys move.
Darkest Dungeon for $10 is a steal.

Yep. Agreed. Just picked up DD and threw in full price Sine Mora for Vita since there wasn't anything else I wanted with my budget this month.

Fwiw, the idea that I own a crap ton of Vita games (not counting all the PS+ games) and just added these two very solid titles to my playlist for $20 is awesome.

Vita has been totally worth it for me, content wise and gaming wise.
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