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PSP 3, Sony to announce Sucessor to Vita at E3

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Rumors to take with a grain of salt. Could Sony be to reveal PSP3 at E3 this year? After them patent a switch like system then that concept comes out looking like the Switch. Also while Square Enix said they have lots of plans to support the Switch they say this "Aside from the existence of PSP 3 (provisional) (this is abbreviation" Also they could be partnering up with AMD with their new hybrid Cpu gpu Bristol ridge.





A company being excited for their new game is a huge slap in the face to all the fans that liked their old games.
The fuck?

Holy shit if true.

Please be fake.
Vita is fucking legendary even without any first-party support or marketing so I'm IN

the thing is, though, you see

See, the rumour doesn't sound so crazy when you see the success of the Switch. I can see Sony trying another go at it to try and capture similar success.


If they made a PSP 3 and they said" it's backwards compatible with digital ps4 games digital ps1/ps2 games that you already own" I will buy day one.
I refuse to believe. Vita is good hardware and they stopped making games for it years ago. Why would they make games for a new one?
By far it would eclipse any recent hardware bungle in the last decade to release a third iteration. They'd be more successful immediately releasing a PSVR 2.0 tomorrow than a PSP3. I'll eat my hat and take an account ban were that the case.


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Some sort of tablet/portable, like the Switch, will be part of the PS5/Xbox4 plan for MS and Sony, IMO. Not this soon though.


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This is as much bullshit as the last two threads I made.

If these motherfuckers are crazy enough to do this at E3 I will applaud them for this wtf moment.
The only way this would be successful is if it were literally a portable PS4 that plays all current PS4 games and if that were the case then we'd be talking about it releasing in mid to late 2018 at the earliest at the same $399 price tag as the Pro or possibly even higher.


Really disappointing if true. It feels like they can't even handle more output for PSVR and now they are supposed to release another system they have to support?


After the Vita anyone would have to be crazy to support another Sony handheld/hybrid/whatever. Even portable franchises like Loco Roco and Patapon have made the jump to PS4 already.

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Lost me on the AMD mobile chip. Good luck to anyone who thinks this is legit.

See, the rumour doesn't sound so crazy when you see the success of the Switch. I can see Sony trying another go at it to try and capture similar success.

It's crazy when you remember that the Switch and its success is only 2 months old. It's not like cash strapped Sony spent millions on R&D on a new console only to wait and tell on the success of a rival system. Vita crash and burned so bad there's no reason to continue.


See, the rumour doesn't sound so crazy when you see the success of the Switch. I can see Sony trying another go at it to try and capture similar success.

Is the idea that Sony is so utterly impressed with two months of Switch sales that they are scrambling to slap together a piece of hardware so they can show something, anything, a month from now? C'mon now.
Actually it is understandable that they are considering releasing a handheld console while their popularity increased due to Switch but they must've been prepearing this at least 2 years from now therefore it doesn't seem realistic, however the main reason it is going to fail is the Switch itself.



If they'd just redesign the Vita a bit with some minor changes and SD card support...they'd be golden(ish).


I don't think Sony can support 3 platforms, PS console, PSVR, and PS handheld.

I don't think Nintendo can support a console and handheld platform without droughts unless they actually get substantial 3rd party support.

I don't think MS can currently support a console without 3rd party support. Even now the fact that they can't get ports of Japanese 3rd party games is hurting them.

Better to execute on a few things well than too many things at a lesser quality.


Nope. Sony tried and failed twice. Microsoft thought better of even attempting. The handheld market is a one-horse race.
Unless you count iOS/Android devices.
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