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PSP 3, Sony to announce Sucessor to Vita at E3

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I've seen this before, but my question in regards to this part:


Which basically says there are still 2 unannounced platforms... one being the PSP3 (tentative)

Is that I can't find it in the original interview found here: http://trendy.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/column/16/021400099/032900007/

So I'm not sure if it's just the hokanko blog's interpretation that was made or what.

If any native speaker can find the above paraphrased then maybe, but until then I don't know where it's coming from.


Assuming for a minute that this is true... how powerful is this new hybrid Cpu gpu Bristol ridge? Can it compete with base PS4? The notebookcheck article that OP linked says that the GPU is basically Nvdia 920. Isn't this around base PS4 power or i am wrong?


I was skeptical on Vita, but then bought it after seeing their support for it their first E3 with it.

The following year it was barely mentioned, and now it's dead to them.

As big of a PlayStation fan I've been since 97, I could not trust them to make a 3rd handheld (not including pocket station ) and support it.

They could announce all sorts of games for it, and I couldn't trust them.

I bought a Switch, my first current Nintendo console since SNES. I'm more willing to trust Nintendo with a home console than Sony with a portable at this point.

So I hope it's fake.

Watch it be real, and me day 1 the shit out of it, though. x_x I need help.

You won the thread. I don't care what anyone else says.

You do realise this is the same Nintendo, that barely had any third party support for the N64, Gamecube, Wii (does shovelware count), Wii U?

Sony has its bad points too, but don't make it out like Nintendo treats its fans brilliantly either.
Fuck it, I'd buy a remote playback machine if it came with all the buttons it actually needed.

That said, I don't really know who the market is for another dedicated Sony handheld beyond that. The Absolutely appalling first party support for vita beyond gravity Rush and a few other early games should tell everyone just how little effort Sony will put in to a handheld before dropping it.
Fuck that.
They ditched the Vita two two years in and still can't even be bothered to give the loyal fans something as simple as remapping some keys for Remote Play.
They can't support anything that isn't a damn console, don't give a shit about customers, and will leave the second someone says something mean about their portable.
There's no way I fall for it again.

I'll be there day one and I'll hate it.
Been burnt too many times by Sony dropping support, 3d, move, vita, too make me skeptical about anything other than their main consoles. If true I'd wait it out.
Well, good luck in getting your speculation right.
Ah yes, the SMD64 hope.

Lol, can't be right every time. I'm pretty sure sony will make another handheld they see Nintendo making money and they want the same. Good job lurking tho bro.

You saying they see the Switch's momentum since March, decide a month later to plan PSP3, not have any plans with any developers, and announce it at E3?
After the Vita anyone would have to be crazy to support another Sony handheld/hybrid/whatever. Even portable franchises like Loco Roco and Patapon have made the jump to PS4 already.

Why would anyone buy a Vita successor after Sony abandoned it two years after release?

Spoken like people who don't own one. First party support didn't define the PSP nor the Vita. They are not Nintendo. I have a metric ton of games for both PSP and Vita. I am working on a backlog for the Vita now with cyber sleuth. All Sony needs to do is make awesome hardware and have some BC for PSP and Vita games. I would get the successor.
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