PSTriple slayin all y'all n***as in the 07 ya hurd, BALLLLINNNNNNNfnordNNNNNNNN

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typhonsentra said:
And I know some of the response videos are jokes, but I'm fairly certain this guy is serious.
Haha. URGE TO KILL RISING! Seriously, these response videos are even more spectacular than the original video. If this dude is for real then we have to get him on here. Hell, maybe he's already on our forum.

"Let's go to section 1- Reason for insulting the Wii"

Edit- Wait, is he capturing this video in the bathroom? Haha.
TekunoRobby said:
Those of you who didn't get or couldn't watch the video avoid the video responses at all costs. They are far worse and sadder than anything Chadwarden put out.
it really does make me think less of humanity as a whole watching those things
"Sup Bitches" into first 3 seconds :lol :lol :lol

This is too awesome.

"PS Triple"

"I ain't talkin' about that Wii"
"That Wii? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit..."
"Come on now... Wiiiiiiiiiiiii?"

(about Zelda)
"Come on! Who wants to play that shit? I need to shoot some niccas. Pow! Pow! Pow!"

How does he pronounce Final Fantasy :lol

Fa Fasy?

:lol :lol

"Sony is da bomb nicca. True shit."

God damn this guy can't be for reals!

"Gears of War. Fuck Gears of War. More like Tears of War."

"Halo Threee. They better rename that shit to Gaylo Three."

(about Halo 3)
"True niccas don't play that shit. You know who plays that shit? Gay niccas"


Damn, he must be a shill or some stupid-ass pawn.

"$600 ain't shit!"
TekunoRobby said:
I don't know if it's "ok" but that term is widely used among various cultures and races around the globe.
It is ok
I know what i'm talking about, trust me. :)
Actually it still depends a little.

It's just starting to get complicated lately.
People sayin' Nintendo had Final Fantasy first. Sheeeit nigga, have you played the PS1? It's got Final Fantasy 7 nigga.

If I was a game designer and that kid was serious, I would have to quit my job.


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arcader said:
I think it is all right here.

I tried to paste the URL of one of the YouTube video's in my browser adress bar and accidentially pasted it in the google search bar.

I was suprised to see that it was a group community effort.
They weren't created by the Modojo forum members. The OP simply collected all the worst videos and likened each video to popular forum members. He's just using the videos as a way to poke fun at everyone there.
:lol incredible... but not as incredible as all the response vids it spun off... There's a lot of weirdo's in this world that's for sure... He did a damn good job of cranking up the Wii60 army...

I can't help but think that Sega inspired this ad just because they want to make the console industry to look bad without them in there...
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