PSVita can't play PSone Games? EDIT: Seems unlikely!


PlayStation Vita is backwards compatible with downloadable PSP games. So, you can play Akiba’s Trip and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on it. Final Fantasy VII from the PsOne Classics section… eh maybe not.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan posted a PlayStation Vita FAQ and there is a big asterisk next to the part where it says the handheld is compatible with PSP software downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

It says support for Game Archives (aka PsOne Classics and TurboGrafx-16 games in Japan) are the exception. In other words, PlayStation Vita won’t be able to run Metal Gear Solid or Chrono Cross. Sony says they will release more information about this soon.
shidoshi said:
That Japanese page is simply saying that game archive support beyond PSP titles will be announced later. That could mean that maybe they want to wait for an addition to the announcement (PS2 titles?), or because - as I seem to recall - it was said that there may be some PSOne titles that won't end up working on the PS Vita. So maybe they want to put together a list of which titles won't be playable.

Totally, totally a non-issue here, and not any reason to get worried. I'm not really sure Siliconera should have published that story, because I'm not sure the person doing it understood the Japanese.
There's other Sony faqs that state that PS1 and minis will transfer over just fine. I wonder if it has something to do with PC Engine games and Konami taking over all the decision making for Hudson.
This not only just sounds factually wrong, due to the ps suite, but wouldn't make any damn sense if it was right. The PSP can emulate psx games just fine, but the Vita can't?
Pre-order cancelled. What the hell is this? Not allowed because it won't drain the battery fast enough? PSOne classics already have a built in line-up and marketplace. Is it that stupid argument that they'd rather you spend time playing (and buying) new games?
Obviously bullshit. Even if Sony says it can't modders will be able to make it so like they did on PSP. Doesn't matter to me either way there are so many options to play PS1 games it's not remotely an issue. PS2 playing on Vita is worth so much more.
Miri said:
This makes not only just sounds factually wrong, due to the ps suite, but wouldn't make any damn sense if it was right. The PSP can emulate psx games just fine, but the Vita can't?
If this is true (which it probably isn't) I guarantee that it's a licensing issue that Sony royally screwed up on, not a technical one.

Edit: and probably applies to something other than PS1 games.
Durante said:
I think we should wait for confirmation on this.
It's already been confirmed, see above.

Can a Mod change title or put in the FAQ I posted above in the OP? This is going to turn into 15 pages of people ignoring facts posted and complaining for nothing.
The fate of your Game Archives collection is not so clear. The same response includes a footnote saying that Game Archives games are not included in the response. Details on Game Archives support will be announced later, the FAQ says.

Game Archives is the Japanese name for the large library of PlayStation games that's available for PSP and PS3 download via PSN. It usually also includes the smaller library of PC Engine/Turbo Grafx games, although this is sometimes referred to as PC Engine Archives.

The FAQ does not specifically state that Vita will not play Game Archives games. We'll have to wait for Sony to share more details.
So, not outright denial that it won't play PSOne Titles...
Marrshu said:
Well, it does seem worrisome that anyone is even questioning if Game Archives can be played or not. =P
The FAQ speaks for itself for me that's been posted twice. This is going to end up being some translation thing or something that doesn't affect 99% of PSOne games on the store like the Turbo games.


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Marrshu said:
Well, it does seem worrisome that anyone is even questioning if Game Archives can be played or not. =P
There may be some nuance to it which is why Sony will 'address it later'.

E.g. maybe it doesn't extend to PC Engine games etc. The US FAQ does not mention those, and they fall under 'Game Archives' in Japan.
So... a FAQ say that Vita is compatible with PS1 games.

But another FAQ says that they will release further information about compatibility of "game archives" (PS1 games is a part of "game archives")..

Conclusion: Vita is not compatible with PS1 games.
Wario64 said:
I'm waiting for PS Vita Lite

am i doing it right guys
no, you need to make the "so who's trading in their Vitas to gamestop tomorrow" thread :p

that's a bummer, I was just starting to build a small collection of them on my PS3, oh well, still getting it though,
Given the two FAQs, I wonder if the reality is something along the lines of "We won't have the emulator ready at launch"? That would appear to not contradict either statement.

Vita not running PS1 stuff just doesn't make *sense*.
It may very well be a region specific feature. North America, according to the posted FAQ from SCEA, the Vita can play PSone games. However, the FAQ posted from SCEJ may not be able too.

Either way, I'm sure we'll find more about it soon. If it is true and the machine just can't no matter the region, I'll be disappointed, but it doesn't affect my purchase anyway.
It does run ps1 games just like psp and ps3. It has an emulator. That much was confirmed without a doubt when the system was revealed.

The doubt here is whether you your ps1 licenses transfer to vita or whether you have to buy them again. This sounds highly, highly unlikely to me. If Sony's license agreement with publishers extended ps1 classics from psp to ps3, I see no reason why it won't include vita and any other future ps device.