PSVR comes with 18 demos in NA. Just 8 in EU.


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Very disappointing for Europe. The US Blog makes a point of saying that the demo lineup varies from region to region, specifying that the 18 below will only be available in the US and Canada. The upside is that NA will also get it digitally "after PSVR launches", so any Europeans with an American account should be able to download the obviously superior demo lineup at some point.

This isn't really a surprise given the treatment of PSVR in Europe up until now. Where across America I believe that you can go in and try it before launch at Best Buy and stuff, hands-on in the UK at least has been restricted to a couple of paid-entry events and that's it. It doesn't shake my faith in PSVR, I'm sure it will be very good and will be sticking to my pre-order, but overall it's just frustrating to see Sony consider us second-class citizens yet again, and for such an important product launch.

Announcement blog post for Europe | Announcement blog post for NA
Thankfully all the demos will be free to download from the NA store. I imagine there will also be demos on the UK store for the games listed... maybe?
Sony Europe how nice from you that we even get 8 ha. Shit like this baffles me.

I can understand that Europe gets 1 or 2 less because some restrictions but 10? Thats some joke even if they are just demos and also can be obtained with a NA account.
Maybe some of the games from the demo disc are not going to be released in EU? Or maybe the demo isnt ready for EU )(eg languages) when PSVR launch?
W-well, that's stupid. It makes no sense not to get people these demos,they are gonna sell people more VR games by getting them to try as much types of stuff as they can in VR at launch...

Weird. They should put those unreleased EU demos to be accessible for free via PSN, just like any other demos.

If that happens, all will be well. Anyone will be able to get them.
Yeah, it makes no sense not to at least do this.
I'm sure it's because translations weren't ready in time for the disc to go gold, and they didn't want to release demos for VR without the main EU languages.

Still wish they would though.
I feel like this might have something to do with age restrictions. You can't have demo kiosk's up and running in Germany for example with content rated M or the german equivalent 18+ & 16.
I've never even considered this before now but how is Brexit going to affect the games industry? Will we still be treated as part of the same market?
It's a bit shitty, but if you can just download the other ten demos off of the NA store then I don't see much of an issue. Sony shouldn't treat their most loyal market like this though.