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Psychonauts 2 ‘Motherlobe Edition’ physical edition launches September 27


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Publisher Skybound Games and developer Double Fine Productions have announced the Psychonauts 2 “Motherlobe Edition,” a physical edition of the game due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series / Xbox One on September 27.

The physical edition includes a copy of the game in a lenticular outer sleeve, reversible box art, set of six two-sided art cards with final art and concept art, collection of six premium die-cut stickers, and code for a digital download of unreleased behind-the-scenes materials.

Pre-orders are available now via iam8bit.

Psyhconauts 2 is available now digitally for Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store.

Watch a trailer for the physical edition below.

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I'll pick it up been wanting a physical copy. I'll replay it also wish it was a longer game after all the time we waited for it other than that it was still a solid story.


Exclusive disc release off the first game included with the limited edition too, might grab that version, as I haven't really played the first game before properly.


As excited as I am it's getting a physical release I'm super disappointed in smart delivery games. This isn't the Series X version on the disc is it?


they better have both Xbox versions on that disc, otherwise it's useless.

although, is Psychonauts 2 a native Series X game or simply enhanced Xbox One?
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It appears that it does from the label

It has a native Series X version.

the label is not in any way an indication on what is on the disc. that is the normal label for games that are "smart delivery"
usually that means only the Xbox One version is on the disc and the SX version will have to be downloaded if you want to play it there.

the only exception I know of is Balan Wonderworld of all games, which seems to have both versions on the disc.
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