PT no longer downloadable in US (and EU/UK) even with license

Mar 12, 2009
First mentioned by Polygon's Russ Frushtick

And now people on Twitter are also confirming it is no longer downloadable

Guess you will need to pay 1000s of dollars on Ebay if you ever want to play the game!
Apr 15, 2011
Welp, that's going to make future upgrades a bit of a pain. If only one could time travel with a future mega huge SSD to not worry about it... but then I guess many would do the same damn thing to get the demo in the first place.

Also makes Konami look like bigger asses, but then I guess when you're either exiting console/handheld games or at least greatly reducing the number put out it just doesn't matter how many bridges you burn down in the process with that base: you don't really NEED the people you won't have as customers anymore to also be happy with you. Though that can blow up spectacularly on you.
May 28, 2014
its a shame no new people will ever get a chance to play what is sadly the final version of SIlent Hills. thats your digital future btw, even tho you already own it you can't even download it... -_- thts why physical will always be where its at. Good thing I redownloaded PT incase this happened.


Nov 30, 2013
Just tried, it says I cannot download. I'm from the US btw.

I really regret not downloading it... I assumed it'd be like all other games on your DL list, but I guess I was wrong.