PUBG is now the biggest game on Steam in history | over 2m CCU, beats Dota 2 peak

PUBG players

Dota 2 peak

only Steam record left to beat (best selling game at ~33.5m owners)

PUBG, Dota 2 and CS:GO over time

CCU of other selected Games
1.1 million Halo 3 (Xb360)
1.2 million The Divsion (PC, Ps4 and Xb1)
1.3 million Destiny 2 (Ps4 and Xb1)
8 million Crossfire (second biggest Pc game)
7.5 million League of Legends (3 years ago)

call me just a meme or game that won't sell well on console
Geez... This thing snowballed out of control. I'm happy for the devs, I guess. I tried playing it solo but didn't really enjoy it much, mostly just a very nerve wracking experience. I'd like to give it another shot tho so I'll probably hop into the GAF crew for the game soon.
Ugh when will threads about the Goat Simulator of shooters end? Don't you guys know that it's a fad twitch meme game? And that 50% of players are afk bots?
Indeed, and those that aren't bots are usually on their third or fourth steam account and copy of the game because the devs banned them for using the car horn.


( ≖‿≖)
Single maps confirmed the key to success
assuming both games still have single maps. I think pubg is getting more
The numbers will probably keep on growing, there is nothing on PC that could compete with it right now (poor Lawbreakers).

Not until Destiny 2/ COD/ Battlefront 2 wombo combo in late October/ November.
This game is a triumph for multiple reasons and multiple people. A multiplayer shooter from a smaller virtually unknown studio, a game with a very weird non-franchise name, a game with no massive marketing campaign has managed to destroy other huge multiplayer titles and post some shocking concurrent player numbers.

It's also a triumph for the developer, Valve and PC gaming. For the developer it's self-explanatory, for Valve it's a huge win to have the current gaming sensation on Steam and for PC gaming it brought it a lot of new gamers to the platform. Amazing.