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PUBG - Official TAEGO Gameplay Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Get a look at the 8x8 map, Taego, in this trailer for PUBG.

On Taego your fight doesn't end at death.

PUBG's Taego map is available now on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as PC.


It's pretty fun, though not one of the best. The amount of loot is just ridiculous though - you can basically drop to any building set and come out of it with 500 5.56s, a suppressed AR and DMR/SR, 10 med kits, 15 boosts, etc. Waaaaaaaaaaaay too much loot.

The graphics look off to me. Looks much more cartoony than all the other maps, even Sanhok, and there is soooooooooo much aliasing/shimmering and just weird "shiny" effects on edges of trees etc when against the sky.

Also the buildings/cities are few and far between. Like we're talking a km between some with nothing but open fields. In the 5 games I played last night, basically no one runs anywhere because it's just guaranteed death from snipers. Everyone drives everywhere. Don't like the respawning either.

The new guns are good. The Mk12 is basically the same as the Mini from my use, maybe a little bit more drop but possibly a bit more damage. The M2 or whatever the new AR is called is very good, seems to be much less recoil than the other 5.56 ARs. Not really sure why they added another 2 5.56 guns tbh. There are now pretty much 4 DMRs - M14, Mini, QBU, Mk12 - and 4 ARs - M4, QBZ, Scar, M2. Why not another SMG or LMG? Why not another actual SR instead of just a re-skin of the Kar98 like the Mosin is?

Hopefully they throw it in with the normal map rotation soon, i hate having the playlists split between maps. Got 2 3-man-squad wins out of 5 on it last night on Xbox.
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