Punisher Season 2 [OT] Welcome Back, Frank

May 9, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
If anyone likes the violence in Punisher, there is a Netflix movie called Polar which I thought was alright. There is this killing scene in a warehouse/abandoned building near the end which was insane and it reminded me of something the Punisher would do, it felt very Punisher like. It was the coolest thing I'd seen in a while.
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Sep 27, 2010
I really like the acting work of the main character! He is fantastic. I would like to watch more movies with him. Anyone know good?

He was in Wind River and Wolf of Wall Street. Wind River would probably be up your alley if you're a Punisher fan.

I loved the first season even though it had some of the usual Netflix padding. This season just seems boring as shit after the first episode. As soon as they get to New York the pacing just collapses and it's monologue after monologue. I was looking forward to Jigsaw but really his scars are pretty laughable, and 95% of his screentime is spent whining about something. His "is this blue" meltdown was hilarious.

There are so many characters I don't give a shit about that make the Punisher seem only peripherally involved in his own show a lot of the time. These long form narratives aren't really working in a show like this, especially when the plot is super basic. I'd much rather have a more episodic show where the Punisher is taking down a bad guy each ep.