[Push Square] Gran Turismo 7's PS5, PS4 Campaign Requires an Online Connection


Doesnt need recognition
This is battlefield all over again. Sorry but paying full $70 for a cross gen always online game with an expiration day is Ludacris. The PSN service go down you're fucked You can't play. It's a joke of a value

So dramatic...

With that said I'm sure to emphasize with you when PSN goes offline for a combined 3 days in the coming YEARS when you'll be playing GT7 close to daily.


Doesnt need recognition
TOO many people RUSHing to judgement on the GRAVITY of the situation.

It’s not like this is a company that shuts down servers left and right to save money.

Well having to be online for SP access is inherently bullshit for most of us. It just is. The negative response we see is logical and justified, that goes without saying. GT7 being cross gen and (as I just discovered) without ingame ray tracing only strengthened said response.

Will it matter to 90+% of those who play it regularly? I don't think so. And like you've said; let's wait and see how the final product is before moaning out of habit

I bet 70+% of posters in the thread haven't played a GT game for a good while lol
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Server updates as well as launch day errors should be a lot of fun! Glad there are rational fans here that see and support this.

Now why don’t other racing games need this for single player, you ask? Answer: cause PlayStation is best!

Naked Lunch

Oh man, i've saved the replay of my perfect Nurburgring run for an online event in GT6. It was game over with 1 wheel on the grass. Took me so much time, i played in my spare time bewteen workshifts. If i've lost that i will legit cry.
I feel you - those events were brutal but took the game and my appreciation of it to another level.
The replay I lost was absolutely an online Ferrari event. Im still upset its gone :messenger_pensive:
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