Putt-Putt send cease and desist letter to Mojang for trademark infringment

This isn't really surprising. If a company doesn't attempt to challenge stuff like this, they can lose their trademark due to generalizing.

Unfortunately, it may force Mojang to get YouTube to take down all these videos.
This isn't really surprising. If a company doesn't attempt to challenge stuff like this, they can lose their trademark due to generalizing.
It may not be surprising, but it's incredibly silly. Mojang hasn't used their trademark at all.

This is like suing Microsoft if I use Visual Studio to create a copycat game, or Adobe if I use Photoshop to recreate a trademark symbol.
Erm... I think at this point, most people call miniature golf putt putt no matter where they are. It's like people calling all soda Coke or people calling all dolls Barbie dolls even if they aren't.

They should be glad that people still remember what the fuck putt putt is because there sure as hell aren't a lot of mini golf courses scattered around unless you are in a touristy place.
I've never seen a legal threat with a better setup and punchline than that one. That third page is hilarious.

Let the fun begin!
Have to agree. How damn stupid can they be? That's all user created content. Mojang has no control over what some fan creates using their game and no control over what they name a video they put up on youtube either.

Talk about stupid as hell.
This seems kind of like stupid territory but I don't know how it works.

If someone (say Warner Brothers and 5th Cell) put a game (say Scribblenauts) on Steam, and a fan makes an item called "putt putt club" or "Super Mario", maybe that violates some sort of trademark since the item was created without permission.

But who is responsible then? Are companies who provide content creation tools responsible for policing it? Is it only the case if they host the items, like Scribblenauts? If that's true, then in this case it seems like a parallel to someone using Photoshop to make a picture using the Putt Putt logo, putting that picture in a YouTube video, and then a legal complaint being sent to Adobe about it.
I don't know much about trademark enforcement, but if the trademark holder has issues shouldn't they be working with Youtube to take that content down?

Mojang didn't create any of the videos referenced.
Haha I would have loved to see their reaction to this letter. Serious, maybe confused for two pages, then turn to page three, one second for it to sink in, then uncontrollable laughter.

What dolts.


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its user created content. Better sue youtube too you fools.

Also dafuq is a putt putt. Sue all those putt putt golf place while you are at it.
Why did Notch even need to make this public? It is obviously a misunderstanding.
Why wouldn't he? It's funny and people are interested in things like this so it's free publicity. How much extra money do you think he made off of the Scrolls C&D publicity?