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Question about the best way to charge my computer


I recently picked up an M1 Air, was using a 2019 Pro and ipad Prior. Anyway, I am a very casual computer user, most of the time on my phone and when I had my ipad I used that most of the time as well. I bought a 32" HDR QHD LG monitor and occasionally I'll hook my M1 Air to it but most of the time when I use my Air it is like a normal laptop.

I don't just set around and stay on it a bunch and if I don't think I'll be using it all day I shut it down instead of just closing the lid. The battery life is good on this thing, I can easily go all week without recharging it. I think I have only recharged it once for sure, maybe twice since I have had it the past few weeks. What I have been doing is running it on battery until I get down below 10% then I'll put it on the charger until full. Is this the best course of action to get the most out of my battery overall life span?

I made the mistake of googling and see all kinds of of different opinions and even people downloading apps to micromanage the battery, I'm not interested in that unless it will significantly help
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My advice: stop worrying about it and just use it however you like. The battery will degrade over time no matter what you do, but you have years of good use out of it still to come.


I wouldn’t shut it down. Put it into airplane and just close the lid. It will start up faster and basically be asleep. You can also turn off the power nap feature.

I have a 2018 air. It has ~80% battery. I charge it to 100 then don’t let it get too low.
I don’t worry about it much. Lion is best to keep above 20. Not much else you can do.
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