R Kelly might be a new Juice. In custody for 13 federal crimes this time


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R. Kelly is in custody after being arrested in Chicago on sex trafficking charges, according to reports in the US.

There are said to be 13 charges against the singer, including child abuse images and obstruction of justice, according to the US Attorney's Office in Chicago.

The 52-year-old was arrested by NYPD and Homeland Security officials.

He's already pleaded not guilty to more than 20 sexual offences.

For two decades R. Kelly, real name Robert Kelly, has been accused of different sexual abuse allegations.

They've been brought back into the spotlight following the documentary series Surviving R. Kelly, which detailed stories about him pursuing teenage girls going right back to the start of his career.

The R&B artist was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in February. He pleaded not guilty and has been released on bail.

Then in May he was charged with 11 more sexual offences, relating to sexual assault and abuse of a minor aged between 13 and 16, which he pleaded not guilty to last month.

It is not yet known whether the new federal charges are linked to the same cases.

A person can be charged with a federal crime if they've broken laws in more than one state. The charges are generally more severe than state charges.

Kelly speaks directly to the camera during an interview in March 2019
R. Kelly has stood trial on sexual offences once, being acquitted of child pornography charges by a jury in 2008.

Newsbeat has contacted representatives for R. Kelly, as well as police in New York and the US Attorney's Office in Chicago.

How this fuck avoided custody after the world watched a video of him pissing on a 15 year old was bad enough, but now look at all that adds up for mr. "i'm fighting for my fucking life".

Absolutely horrendous human taking advantages advantage of girls in africa. Like fuck off loser can't find a local girl? this shit fuck even sang asking if girls had their "shots"

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7/13/2019 1:00 AM PT

R. Kelly's behind bars thanks in large part to his own inner circle -- enablers and ex-employees who handed the feds videos of Kelly having sex with underage girls, according to the attorney for multiple alleged victims.
Gerald Griggs -- who represents Joycelyn Savage's family among others -- tells TMZ the federal investigation run by the Northern District of Illinois uncovered over 20 videos of Kelly engaged with minors.
Both Griggs and our federal law enforcement sources tell us the tapes show multiple victims ... and prosecutors confirmed with multiple witnesses the girls were underage. Griggs says several of Kelly's enablers -- past and present -- flipped and turned over the tapes to investigators. He says those videos were exactly what the feds needed to secure indictments for sex crimes, including child pornography.
We broke the story last month ... an ex-employee testified the singer regularly recorded his sexual encounters with underage girls, and believed the feds got their hands on some of that video.
As we reported ... Kelly was arrested Thursday after a federal grand jury handed up a 13-count indictment, including 4 counts of producing child pornography and 2 counts of receiving child pornography.
Of course, he's facing another 5-count federal indictment out of the Eastern District of NY which includes racketeering and 4 violations of the Mann Act. Prosecutors in Brooklyn want to keep Kelly locked up until his trial too.

Meanwhile, Joycelyn's parents say they're desperately trying to get in touch with her and get her help ... and won't feel any vindication over Kelly's arrest until they do.​
We've reached out to Kelly's team ... no word back so far. The U.S. Attorney's Office for Northern Illinois had no comment

Well there is irrefutable proof so jail and life long house arrest seem likely. At least he will be in the list of predators and neighborhoods have to be informed of him moving in. Watch he will probably try flee the country with whatever money he can still scrap.
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You know, when I was in fucking middle school I thought he was gonna face jail time after his pissing video but nothing came out of that. Celebrities have too much leeway.


The sad part is if he was a white male this would get EVEN more coverage.

But since he’s black it gets coverage but not that much.


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Pedophilia and the like seems to be something that celebrities are drawn to.
I hear ya, and don't know why that is. And even worse, people associated with the celebrity know about it and keep their mouth shut (as per article above about ex-staffers). They should be tried just as much as the celeb for hiding felonies.


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He is POC so low spectrum.

I actually expect him to be in prison for life.

Not sure why you think he'd get a low sentence because he's black when black people get longer sentencing for crack possession than white people get for cocaine possession.


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Like I remember years and years ago that piss on 13 year old video being rumored / maybe real version leaked. At that point why wouldn’t you just nuke everything pertaining to that. What a dumb fuck but glad he got caught.
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