Race The Sun coming to iOS, Wii U

iPad/iPhone version releasing on July 30th
You've been asking and praying and begging (ok, maybe just asking). And we have heard you and here is our answer: Yes! Race The Sun will be available to play on your iDevices in just two weeks!

We've always liked the idea, and ever since we started playtesting RTS, people have asked us, "when can I get this on my phone?", but the timing had to be right and the experience had to be awesome. So we've been working really hard on this and the game is finally ready to rock the small screen.

This is the complete Race The Sun experience — no compromises. We've implemented Apple's latest graphics tech and added support for iOS controllers. Plus we've included Game Center features like leaderboards and achievements, and even offer iCloud support. No, we did not hold back.

Wii U version:
Back in April, Nintendo Direct made the first announcement. Finally the day has come for us to tell you that Race The Sun will soon be available on the Wii U console!

Given the simply fun nature of the game, and the Star Fox inspired visual style, it feels like a perfect fit. Race The Sun is running great on the system and we are excited to see how Nintendo fans will respond.

Wii U owners will see Race The Sun banners pop up on the eShop in August.
Sep 19, 2007
It's a neat game, I still play it from time to time. I remember when they were struggling to get on Steam, glad they managed to get it on a bunch of platforms now.
Oct 17, 2014
Wait, this game isn't already on phones? It seems so much like a phone game, I assumed it was a mobile port all along.
from wikipedia

" Although prior to release Flipfly had mainly worked on Mobile games, the developers noted that the mobile market was almost exclusively made up of free to play games and opted instead for a PC release. "
Mar 3, 2010
Game got mixed reactions in the ps plus threads here, but I had a lot of fun with it, especially the unlockable Labyrinth mode. I still play it for half an hour or so most days actually, and it's one of the few games I've ever managed to get into the top five of a daily leaderboard on.
Which I think says less about my skill and more about the fact that only around five people are playing it...