Ragnarok Online II Open Beta and Information Thread

Dec 21, 2011

Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of The Second is a remake of Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World, the MMORPG created by Gravity Corp. and is the sequel to the popular MMORPG, Ragnarok Online.

The game will have the Free to Play model with a Cash Shop for buying items with real money.


January 4, 2012
OBT is live.
You can register for an account at playpark's website: Playpark Website or RO2 Official Site
and here is a guide for the registration and installation of the game: http://ro2.playpark.net/getting-started/registering-for-playid/

Client Download
Here is their Download Page with different download links available.

OS: Windows
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz or above
RAM: 2 GB or more
HDD: At least 10 GB
GPU: GeForce FX 8600 or later
512 MB of VRAM

Please Note: RO2 is not compatible with Mac and Linux OS.

The job system of Ragnarok Online 2 is heavily influenced by its predecessor, Ragnarok Online.


Swordsmen are trained since childhood and are experts in handling ‘auras’.
The power of ‘auras’ can be focused onto swords and armor to enhance their abilities.
They also take the role of a tanker, standing in front of their allies to defend them against enemy attacks, as well as inflict extreme damage on the enemy.
They can change jobs at level 25 to either Knight or Warrior.

  • Knight

    Knights are heavily trained through the Prontera Knights’ strict education and strongly values rules and principles.
    They know how to handle ‘auras’ skillfully through systematic battle training and also can use their shields as a battle skill.

  • Warrior

    Warriors are experienced mercenaries who have honed their skills on countless battlefields.
    They carry great swords and are capable of skillfully defending themselves from enemy attacks. Their experience allows them to mow down enemies on the battlefield as though it were second nature.


Magicians are people who can handle all the elements of the world at their fingertips.
They are the ones nearest to nature’s truth and can detect powers that is invisible to others. They have mastered how to effectively manage their mental strength through training and can often absorb powers from surroundings to replenish their own mental powers.
You can change jobs to either Wizard or Sorcerer after level 25.

  • Wizard

    Wizards are professional sorcerers who practice in magic research and are trained at the Magic Academy at Geffen.
    They are especially specialized in flame magic that will set opponents ablaze. Can also summon a flaming meteorite or create huge explosions.

  • Sorcerer

    Sorcerers are those that awakened by the powers inherited through ancient bloodlines or affinity with spirits.
    Their affinity with nature helps them use the powers of nature freely, and summon spirits to aid them in battle or to heal their allies.


Archers are the descendants of Ancient Payon, protecting the forest and animals within it.
Their powerful archery and excellent physical strength are enough to oppress any foe.
They can change jobs to either Ranger or Beastmaster at level 25.

  • Beastmaster

    Beastmasters are known for their strong bonds with beasts among Payon descendants.
    They inherit the powerful strength of beasts to boost their physical strength and defeat their enemies. They can also transform into beasts and manifest all their abilities.

  • Ranger

    Rangers are the honorary archers of Payon known for their extraordinary skills in archery.
    They use trained falcons and traps to lure enemies and are key to holding dominance in battle.


Thieves are professional combatants that handle poison, disguises and assassinations.
They poison their opponents and trick their enemies by hiding in the shadows.
They can change jobs to either Assassin or Rogue once level 25 is achieved.

  • Assassin

    Assassins are professionals in assassination.
    They are especially known to form contracts with Shadow Devils to learn Shadow skills secretly handed down through the Assassin Guild. Their powers exceed any living human being.

  • Rouge

    Rogues have powerful bodies and splendid techniques with daggers that help them conquer the dark side.
    Their chain skills resemble beautiful dances that bewilder their opponents. They use special potions to enhance their abilities temporarily.


Acolytes are apprentices that follow the holy ways of the Odin Orthodoxy.
They use Holy Powers to eliminate enemies, heal allies and can enhance others’ abilities through beautiful gospels and blessings.
Acolytes can change their job to either Priest or Monk once level 25 is reached.

  • Priest

    Priests are official acolytes with godly powers based on their strong faith.
    Priests can call upon a holy Archangel and display a showing of transcendental abilities. They are punishers from the Odin Orthodoxy and judge evil under the name of God.

  • Monk

    Monks are Acolytes that moved away from the Odin Orthodoxy way of silence and prayers, taking the path of meditation and asceticism to enlightenment.
    Not only do they have strong physical strength due to endless training, they can also freely control their internal powers.

Job System

Other than the main Class a character has, you can also select another sideline job.

You choose to be a Chef, Alchemist, Artisan or Blacksmith. Each job specializes in crafting a specific type of items which will be beneficial to the players themselves or to trade with other players.

  • Chefs create delicious dishes which cause beneficial effects, such as health recovery or boosted abilities.Aside from cooking, a Chef also gathers ingredients and processes them for cooking.

  • The Alchemist collects various herbs to create potions which can recover HP or SP.Using their expert knowledge, they can also create special potions which boost vitality.

  • Artisans are experts in crafting clothes and light armor using leather and cloth.Tan skins from creatures can be gathered or textile materials can be obtained, to be tailored into wearable clothing.
    Artisans are also capable of handcrafting various ‘Runes’ that empower weapons and armor with special abilities.

  • The Blacksmith crafts various weapons and armor, and possess skills to smelt mineral ore found in mines.Blacksmiths can also craft ‘Rune Hole Punch’, which pierces holes in existing weapons and armor; allowing them to hold ‘Runes’.

Game Features


Trailer | Anime Trailer |Gamespot Gameplay Video | Character Creation Overview | New Prontera Gameplay | Instanced Dungeon Gameplay


RO2 Open Beta Player List said:
GAFNAME - In-game Name - Class (Role) - Job

Ashodin - Ashodin - Swordman->Warrior (DPS) - Blacksmith

QisTopTier - Trenia - Magician->Sorcerer (Heal) - Artisan

DJNoctis - ??? - Swordman->Knight (Tank)

Omnicent - ??? - Acolyte->Monk (DPS)

tafer - ??? - Swordman->Knight (Tank)

Mature - ??? - Acolyte->Priest (Heal)

Keiician - ??? - Magician->Sorcerer (Heal)

possiblyphil - possiblyphil - Thief->Assassin (DPS) - Blacksmith

Platy - (somethingplaty) - Thief->Assassin (DPS) - Artisan or Cook

QisTopTier - Trenia - ??? - Artisan

SilentSilas - ??? - Sorcerer (Heal)

Kouichi - Kouichi - Thief->Rogue (DPS) - Artisan

rouken - Rouken - Magician -> Wizard - Alchemist

Satori - ??? - aco/archer/swordman

gashikunFLCL - gashikun - Magician -> Sorcerer - artisan.

Kinitari - Kinitari - Thief - Assassin

Mastamind - Mastamind - Archer/swordsman

TurtleSnatcher - Asterock - Acolytle->Priest (DPS) - ????

Hix - ??? - Archer > Ranger

MaedhrosBR - Maedhros - Archer -> Beastmaster

taku - Bjorn - Swordman > Warrior/Knight (Tank) - Blacksmith

Raide - Raide - Aco - Priest

parallax - hunterXero - thief > assassin - blacksmith

squidyj - squidyj - Swordsman -> Warrior - blacksmith
post your player name and i will add it here. thanks. :)
Jul 10, 2006
Yeah, I thought this was already out until I looked into it a couple of months back. Pretty weird that it took this long.
I'm interested in giving it a look just because I have so many fond memories of RO.
Jan 25, 2012
Vancouver, B.C.
Knight and Monk... here I come!!!!

RO was the very first MMO I played. Me and my friends are totally going to power this out on that day. Already registered and have the client downloaded! :D

EDIT: On a side note... has anyone heard of any updated information for that Project R1 game? (Supposedly TRUE successor to the original Ragnarok Online, by the initial creator who made Ragnarok?)

Nov 26, 2006
Just watched the trailer. Moonlight Flower is wearing pants. Won't play.

nah, will try it. Rganarok was awesome and completely wrecked my life for a few years..
Jun 7, 2004
Yeah, I thought this was already out until I looked into it a couple of months back. Pretty weird that it took this long.
I'm interested in giving it a look just because I have so many fond memories of RO.
Yeah apparently the initial beta test didn't go over too well, and instead of making the same mistake FFXIV did, they decided to scrap the game and redo it instead of releasing anyway.
Dec 5, 2008
Instanced dungeons?

Fuck this game.

I loved going into dungeons and just watching random players trying to take out bosses.

I remember like 100's of people cramming into Baphomets lair and just getting fucking SLAUGHTERED. But we had a mission to finally kill him. Good times.

The 5 player dungeons have killed my interest.
Jan 25, 2012
Vancouver, B.C.

How am I going to have time to play PSO2, RO2, and FFXIV? Well, least RO2 comes out first, woo!
LoL no kidding. Hoping for PSO2 information come January but FFXIV is still in alpha. I also plan to make a Paladin / Monk in XIV 2.0. (I actually have the Monk part covered... I think. If my account is still there. I haven't played it in over a year.)

I really love the tribute to RO1 with the skill names. Same goes for the anime. "Shieeeeeeeeeeeeld BOOMERANG!" Oh Roan... you're too awesome!
Jul 30, 2008
I have to be very careful around this game....RO and Ultime Online both took up a considerable amount of my time. In fact, I can say I was addicted. I could've learned a language or two in the nights I spent 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM just sitting in a dark room with 'em. But God, I had fun....
Jun 15, 2011
Calgary, AB
Jun 15, 2011
Calgary, AB
Yeah, she did the music for it. The old version, at least. I don't know if that stuff is still in this version, but I imagine it is.
seeing as they used a song of hers in that very trailer I wouldn't be surprised


Feels like I've been listening to this stuff for years.

Intro Theme
Prontera Field
King's Joy
Hold Your Life
Jul 10, 2006
I jumped on with RO during the alpha. It only had Prontera and Morroc, and there was a super giant Baphomet in the cave by Morroc. Pretty much the only thing to do in alpha was gang up on Baphomet. But it was fun.
Apr 21, 2009
wasn't lime odyssey or w/e suppose to be RO2?
Yep, already bombed in Korea though, closed down.

The original RO2 had a great and original art style and feel to it, a pretty amazing soundtrack too, but they just stopped working on it at one point for no reason. Instead they started to create this generic and garbage looking RO2 instead. I don't see how the best choice was to give up on something great and start fresh with something awful instead.