Rainbow Six: Siege |OT| Idris Elba sold separately

The whole trap meta is getting tiring already, honestly. Not sure why they needed to give him even more. I think a buff to his speed and maybe making the laser just a lliiitttllle bit harder to see would have done the trick.
every time i tell people online (while playing siege) about the kapkan changes the response is universal - it's fucking stupid, more traps and they're invisible...wtf?!?!
this change to kapkan is horrible, another invisible trap, come on ubisoft, nobody wanted this shit, kapkan was fine except maybe his speed, this is going to get annoying really really fast
You can still check the sides of the doors for the box. Also, the traps now only do about 40-60 damage instead of 100. So it's not fatal to trip one.

I'm liking this new Kapkan, although it's main buff, by far, is the extra mobility.
So I tried the game for the first time last night on the One X, not sure if it's just me but the sound is more clear as well as runs smoother. Anyone else who can confirm this?

Still my favorite game even this year.
Played a situation and one casual MP match last night. Seems like the game has improved visually a little bit.

The downside for now is the menu system and seeing all the clutter lol. It's my biggest complaint, but just seems like they're found more ways to monetize the game. A lot of skins, trinkets for guns, cosmetic optics I don't remember being there at launch.
We back alive in here?

Anyone looking forward to the Six Invitational next month? The pro scene is really hitting it's stride now with Faze and Liquid picking up two of the best Brazilian teams.
Some valid criticism. If Evolve had terrible DLC for a co-op game, this has to top it. I can understand the complaints of not having an offline MP mode with bots, but the trial and error gameplay as far as learning the maps and which operators work best in each game mode and map isn't necessarily a bad thing. Maybe less forgiving as the game doesn't hold your hand throughout the entire experience.

Again, just hope Year 3 is the last DLC pack and they can potentially patch and update the offline features to make Siege a more robust MP shooter for years to come.

I'm mostly surprised it's lasted this long given it wasn't a consistent top 5 MP game on XBL for the first year or so, popularity has increased over the months.

The next update, Operation Chimera, adds a nazi zombies-like PvE mode, known as 'Outbreak', with 3 new maps (which will be PvE only), and 2 new operators, seen above: Lion (French) and Finka (Russian). The french guy gets some sort of drone and the Russian uses "self-dissolving nanobots" for... something. Outbreak will be playable from March 6th to April 3rd, or from February 20th if you play on the TTS.

Operation Chimera details: https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/...eak-peek-operation-chimera-and-outbreak-event
Outbreak details: https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-318321-16/details-of-outbreak-event-revealed

Outbreak trailer: