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Rank the 6 current Gen Console SKUs and maybe give a reason why.


Jan 30, 2020
Oxfordshire, England
I liked the Switch before the Switch Lite, but in releasing a console that doesn't 'switch', and is instead a handheld now means that all Switchs have been relegated to handheld. So, where a full fat home console game could release on Switch - with the caveat of needing played in docked mode for certain difficult sections - that is no longer an option for games releasing, with them cynically neutering the lite's usb-c port to remove the hdmi-out option.
The mismatch in Switch online multiplayer for Lite's versus docked, means that gaming with friends - with lites - has forced us all into handheld mode to make it competitive, and has killed my enthusiasm for the system completely.

So, even though I hate digital purchasing and still believe in physical game buying, which is a major issue with both the XsS and PS5_DE - although also for the XsX if needing an online checkin for disc games is true IIRC - but as the Switch is the only one that has been retro actively recast from home console to handheld, with the Lite, they are definitely last for me.

IMO the XsS undermines the potential the XsX had to wow us with new generation experiences, so it is second last, and the XsX third last, because even though there is no legitimate reason IMHO for the DE version of the PS5 to exist, the new game design and new experiences are still identical to the philosophy of the PS5 - with only a change in business model/delivery method - so still would rank better than the XsX IMO - which for me is going to be held back to either the X1X or XsS level, as the limiting design factor.

1. PS5
1M. PS5 DE
1M+1. XsX
1B. XsS
1T. Switch/Switch lite
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