Rank the Resident Evil protagonists and share your favourite costumes.

Feb 18, 2013
For me it's this.

Leon>Jill>Claire>Chris>Ada>Piers>Sheva>Rebecca>Helena>Sherry>Jake>Billy>Steve>Parker>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Quint and Keith

I actually wish they hadn't
killed off Piers in RE6, he was easily the best of the new characters, that said his sacrifice was a fittingly epic end

For the costumes I have picked out a few favourites.

Leon - it's gotta be the jacket he wore in RE4, I would have liked the option to keep it, but it wouldn't have worked for the later custscenes

Jill - REmake, default costume is easily my favourite.

Claire - her costume in CV was perfect, it was more functional than what she wore in wore RE2, but kept the overall aesthetic.

Ada - I'll likely be in the minority with this choice, but the tactical gear she wore as her alternate costume in RE4,

Chris - his S.T.A.R.S outfit in RE5, in this outfit, his physique is less ridiculous and the iconic combat gear looks brilliant.

Sheva - It has to be business, save for her default clothes, the other costumes are demeaning or flat out ridiculous, this outfit always make of something a female Federal agent or might possibly wear.



Tears in the rain
May 28, 2013

Favorite costumes: RE3 Jill, RE4 Leon, RE4 Ada. I really love Helena's default outfit in RE6 too. And sue me but Tribal Sheva is hot as hell.
Dec 3, 2013
Your top 2 nails it. RE4 Leon (he also looks good without the jacket), and REmake Jill. After that I would put RE2 Leon, RE2 Claire, RE5 STARS Chris, REmake Chris, RE3 Jill. Toss the rest.


Tears in the rain
May 28, 2013
Making my list actually helped me realize how much I hate Chris. He's just a terribly bland, crap character that somehow keeps being brought back by Capcom for reasons unfathomable.

I still remember as a wee lad who didn't want to play as girls in games (because cooties obviously), that I finally understood it was fine playing as a lady thanks to RE1. Chris with his shitastic limited inventory actually forced me to become a better person. I suppose that's the only thing he was good for.

Then came Code Veronica with the amazing Claire and...Oh shit fucking Chris again. And his parts are, no surprise, my least favorite moments of the game. Thank lord, we finally get to control Claire again to properly finish the game. I love the game but I dread the Chris parts...Not that I hated him this much back then...The promise of a future fight between him and Wesker was hype as hell...Couldn't wait.

Then came RE5. Not only is Sheva a far better character than Chris ever was, but RE5 is HER story. It is HER land. It is HER quest. She's the one who finishes Wesker in the end and IMO she earned it. The fucking fight with Wesker, the one and only main antagonist through the whole franchise up to that point, takes place in a goddamn volcano where Wesker spins his shitty arm around, while Chris punches a fucking boulder. The boulder punch cinched it for me. I just hated the guy. Hate him! When I play RE5, I use Sheva only.

I can honestly say I tolerate him in Revelations. When he's acting as Jill's sidekick. But man it's Jill in a gorgeous interconnected setting where shit is etched under keyholes again. I didn't want to go back to RE5-ish dudebroism with Chris. Keith and Quint were funny at least.

And then RE6. Not only do I get two campaigns starring two of my favorite RE chars ever, but I get to play as the children of William Birkin and Wesker? Yes please. Chris? Lol. His rotten-ass attitude just bothered me, but at least I can fall back on Piers. When Leon felt guilt over Tall Oaks, I got that. When Chris was mumbling about his unit, I couldn't muster a fuck.

Seriously fuck Chris. I hate him.
Feb 10, 2012
I'm not gonna bother with another picture, but yeah, RE4's original Leon costume.

I like how in the Ada missions, you find the not-zombie who stole Leon's jacket after chapter 1 in the main game. Like, even the bad guys in the game know how baller it was.