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Rashida Tlaib is one hell of an ignant


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Nov 9, 2013
San Francisco, CA
Representative Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) recently told the Detroit police department that non-blacks should be barred from working as analysts in the bureau’s facial-recognition unit. Why? Because “non-African Americans,” she insisted, “think African Americans all look the same.”

Is that right? Here, Tlaib takes a nasty sentiment held by an archetypal racist in the antebellum South, superimposes it onto the country today as if nothing has changed in the intervening 200 years, and casts aspersions on groups on the basis of that error.
Detroit police chief James Craig (who, as it happens, is black) rebuked Tlaib’s proposal, saying that he puts his “trust” in “people who are trained regardless of race and regardless of gender.” He later said: “The fact that she made that statement, what does that say to the members of this department who are analysts, who are trained, who are white? That they in some way can’t do their job professionally? That’s insulting.”

Tlaib posted a response Wednesday, doubling down on her initial claim — to no one’s surprise,. She invoked social science which purports to demonstrate that facial recognition rates are lower across races than among one’s own racial group. Since Detroit is a heavily black area, the logic goes, only black police officers should analyze the facial recognition data.

I guess the joke that X race all looks like same by Y race isn't a joke, but an actuality.


Mar 12, 2014
This story was discussed on talk radio last week. Funny how little attention it got from national media. Imagine a Republican making statements in a similar vein.
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Aug 30, 2014
I guess the joke that X race all looks like same by Y race isn't a joke, but an actuality.
It isn't group membership so much as it is experience.

For example, put on music of a genre that you are not familiar with, and you might be able to say "that's electronic music". Someone more versed will be able to identify it as dnb, or idm, or glitchcore. Someone extremely versed might be able to identify it even further 'this is clearly influenced by band x', or 'this sounds like a side project of y'.

Familiarity gives us the necessary knowledge to differentiate. This is an evolutionary imperative. We only need to subdivide enough to make sense of things based on our need. I can ask for fruit. An apple. A granny smith apple. Someone experienced can tell every type apart, but someone else just wants an apple.

We do the same thing with faces. It isn't racist that 'all X look alike' if you aren't as familiar. What is racist is assuming a group all acts or thinks alike... which, of course, Talib does because she's a giant woke racist.


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018
She is always trying to ride the black train. Always spouting out I am a POC I am a POC. You aint black get over it. At least Omar is actually black. Talib is just an Arab, there are 100's of millions of you around the world. And you know Arabs who today actually still practice slavery LOL.

At least she didn't ask for all the Jews to be fired from the police force.


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Feb 3, 2018
My favorite part was the police chief is black and he just gave her a "wtf" look and kept on


Aug 30, 2018
I can't believe she admitted that she thinks all black people look the same.

The Squad = 4 more years of President Trump!


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Feb 9, 2009
The study Tlaib posted at the beginning of that twitter feed was not for identifying a person to their face, but identifying if the person was male or female

So not really applicable or useful for police operations.

The second link she posted said a software, used for actually identifying someone, that had a wide gulf between match rates for white women (1 error in 10,000) and black women (1 error in 1,000) wasn't commercially available yet AND was tuned for demographic differences (prechecked by the companies) to get better results which is likely the reason for the big gulf between accuracy ratings between white women and black women.

The NIST test challenged algorithms to verify that two photos showed the same face, similar to how a border agent would check passports. At sensitivity settings where Idemia’s algorithms falsely matched different white women’s faces at a rate of one in 10,000, it falsely matched black women’s faces about once in 1,000—10 times more frequently. A one in 10,000 false match rate is often used to evaluate facial recognition systems.

Donnie Scott, who leads the US public security division at Idemia, previously known as Morpho, says the algorithms tested by NIST have not been released commercially, and that the company checks for demographic differences during product development. He says the differing results likely came from engineers pushing their technology to get the best overall accuracy on NIST’s closely watched tests. “There are physical differences in people and the algorithms are going to improve on different people at different rates,” he says.

Computer vision algorithms have never been so good at distinguishing human faces. NIST said last year that the best algorithms got 25 times better at finding a person in a large database between 2010 and 2018, and miss a true match just 0.2 percent of the time. That’s helped drive widespread use in government, commerce, and gadgets like the iPhone.
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Oct 26, 2018
I thought it was Asians that were supposed to all look alike, not blacks
I thought so too.

But like usual, Asians don't make a big stink about. Probably isn't one Asian person knowing about this facial recognition technology that gives two-fucks about it enough to bother complaining.


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Oct 27, 2017
Moore Park Beach
I thought so too.

But like usual, Asians don't make a big stink about. Probably isn't one Asian person knowing about this facial recognition technology that gives two-fucks about it enough to bother complaining.
Since Asians are smarter, have higher IQ, and better educated than any other "ethnicity" (Half the fucking world is Asian, that is not a fucking single ethnicity)
it is likely that the software engineers that wrote the facial recognition software are asian. Most of them at least.

And they don't give two-fucks because they are gainfully employed, live a successful life and just don't have time to sit on
twitter all day like the other "ethnicities".
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Formerly 'AfricanKing' ... purposely obtuse
Jul 16, 2017
The article does quote 2 studies that suggest people of the same race are more likely to guess or recognise others correctly from their own race.


Jan 9, 2019
I think it could easily be true that you recognize people from your own race more easily. My Chinese friend once told me she couldn't watch Game of Thrones for example, because all the white people in it looked the same to her, making the plot pretty much impossible to follow. I also find it harder to differentiate people from other races. Before having the GoT discussion, I actually thought white people had more defining characteristics or something, lol.