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Ratchet and Clank [Film] Reviews Thread


" the film’s production house, Rainmaker Entertainment, used many of the same character models and backdrops as the series’ latest PS4 installment."

Game over, sort of speak.


i'm assuming the scenes from the game, where the PS4 blocks game recording, are taken straight from the movie. some of them still feel like "ingame cutscenes" rather than scenes from a theatrical release.

If the entire film lacks that sense of "epicness", i'm afraid it might have turned out pretty bad.

Sir TapTap

Hm gonna wait for more reviews. The humor and writing in the game is excellent and bits and bits of the movie were clearly used as cutscenes. "1/5" doesn't seem to fit the scenes I saw anyway.
The buzz around the movie took a bit of a bad turn a few weeks ago which is when I guess reviewers started seeing it.

Interested in seeing it out of curiosity but it was always a "ill watch it when it hits netflix" deal for me.


Man, these reviewers dropped the hatchet on the Ratchet.

Nothing shocking, just another one in a long long string of shitty film adaptations of video game properties.

Card Boy

CGI films are not cheap and often cost more than live action. I wonder if this will Final Fantasy: Spirits Within someone.
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