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One point for showing the console, one point for Remedy's game. Everything else was completely uninteresting to me.

EDIT: And blocking used games? Xbox, go home. You're drunk.

Xbox One/10


I was expecting just the console.
But a 2 out of 10. They could have done almost all of it better.

Only on Dog
Worse than Sony's infamous E3 '06 showing.

I mean REALLY, MS. Clowning on Sony for not actually showing what the console looks like, and that ends up being basically all they do and they hardly show any gameplay footage whatsoever? REALLY?


The lowest number you could give plus one for the regular controller.

They waited this long to show us fucking nothing.
Not compelling. A bunch of focus on things that just have no draw for me. Like there was literally nothing they talked about, from the services to the small number of games, that was interesting at all.



Not only did they show nothing that interested me. But that stuff is more than likely won't even be available where I live. I hope they have a lot of stuff planned for E3.



Sony had a far better showing, concentrating on games. MS can still partially make up for it at E3, which I think they will, at least to a certain degree. We'll see. Buying both at launch anyway.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.

They showed up and showed a console, controller, and terrible name. Everything else they could have just not even bothered with. Not one game actually just being played at all (troubled development?). Trainwreck.

COD looked alright, but it's multiplat. voice and facial recognition stuff was alright, if it really works that fast and 100% of the time.

rest was completely uninteresting. got excited for Remedy but i felt nothing watching the trailer.

edit: LOL, is the average even higher than 1.5 so far? man we are a harsh bunch. i tried to be kinda fair.. but it really was pretty damn bad.
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