Rayman Origins Wii shows up on Amazon, complete with boxes for all versions.


Seems pretty official to me. No sign of the DS version from what I can see.

The existence of the Wii and (possibly) a DS version came from a GameStop release schedule an employee at a local store printed out for me. Here are the scans:


One thing, isn't the PSN logo on the bottom of the PS3 boxes now, or is that only if it has the Move banner on top? No Live logo is a tad puzzling in that case.


Damnit Ubisoft, you don't crop the PS3 box art, you expand!

Either way, I love it so much.

Edit: I do get the feeling that the box art is sort of a placeholder concept though. The logos are a bit weird...
love that cover. Needs a stupid 'rabbid' on the wii one to sell a few copies though. lol

a 3ds version would be amazing. If it happens I'll buy this for ps3 and 3ds. I love Michel Ancel


Yeah i saw some website said it was coming to the (regular) DS a couple of days ago.

Im guessing its a different built from the ground up version, but could be cool.

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can't wait, spent endless hours with Rayman 1, fucking candy cake level at the end... so difficult.. super fond memories

played rayman 2 but found it not.. that great :/ the first one had an amazing art style. played a bit of the 3rd one with my sis and i did like that.. big departure though. not 100% sure on the art style though, i know its more akin to the rabbid series with crazy wacky rayman but there was a charm about the first ones style..


That box art is fucking great! So appealing and fresh in the way its laid out. Makes me wish Nsmb Wii stuck with the handdrawn cover they made concepts for.

This is my most anticipated game of the year!
First Rayman Im buying since the original on the PSX. I missed those glorious 2D graphics. Should be almost considered the true sequel to the first game.


no PC/MAC version? :( I would have made this a 1st day purchase on steam.

Rayman 2 on PC was a beast, wish it was on DD since my cd has been misplaced.

come on ubi don't let me down! release it for pc!


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The boxart looks pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to the game. Rabbids were kinda fun back in 2006, but I can't take them anymore.


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Discotheque said:
love that cover. Needs a stupid 'rabbid' on the wii one to sell a few copies though. lol
Rabbids would kill the sales at this point. They're making a Wii version because they want to appeal to the NSMBWii audience.

Anyway, very excited for this. Not sure which version to go for because I want HD but I'm more likely to take full advantage of local co-op on Wii (have more controllers).


No Rabbids, no sale.

Odd that there's no PC version, Ubisoft haven't been shy about putting Rayman on PC before.


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Criminal Upper said:
Pretty shitty boxart, destined to deter people from picking it up.
Yeah, it's a real shame.

Fucking Ubisoft. I want Ancel to leave to a studio that would really value him, but I don't, because that would mean no BG&E2. : (


no teensies on the ps3 boxart. inferior version confirmed.

cool boxart. love the enemy art. i'm so glad this is full retail, well so long as it has the content to match but given the delays i'm optimistic and am looking forward to buying at a high price.


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I have a good feeling the different art and music will make it significantly different for Rayman 1 fans, but I got no doubt that'll it'll be as great as a 2D platformer could possibly be today. Can't wait.
The art style for this game looks so good, can't wait for this.
Hoping Ubisoft don't screw up and make the game glitchy, it's a fear I have every time I dare to look forward to something Ubisoft related.


I cannot describe how happy I am to hear that the game was expanded to a full release. I have been replaying Rayman 1 since its release every year and it still remains my favorite platformer of all time and one of my favorite games of all time.
2D Rayman + unique art style + hopefully brilliant soundtrack = gaming bliss
Yeah, I was certain from day one this was coming to the Wii. Outside of the first Rabbids game the "Rayman" series has been on the Wii this generation. I didn't see them jumping ship so quickly.


Always been a bit of a Rayman fan (especially of number 2), loving the look of this. I hope this game does well, 2D must live on!...seriously, if it flops I'll probably take it personally :/


Just woke up and saw this thread. Good day confirmed. Day 1, especially if the Wii version is cheaper.
I can't say I'm too confident about this living up to the original, especially after the comment in Game Informer about them toning the difficulty down. Knowing Ubisoft, they'll probably dumb it down to Rabbids Travel In Time 3D levels.


you speak so well
Can't wait for this, though I'll be buying it on PS3 because this is going to look incredible in HD.


A Rayman game made by Ancel - probably the first since Rayman 2. Day one.

The art-style is gorgeous, the boxart doesnt do it justice.
Man, I loved Rayman 1, so I hope this plays similar to it. This game does look gorgeous, probably one of the best looking 2D games I've seen.
Looking forward to this. Rayman 2 The Great Escape on the Dreamcast still ranks up there as one of the all-time great platformers.


Need new screens and a trailer ASAP. Also hoping that the DS game (or maybe it's really 3DS), whatever it is, is good.

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I am super hyped about this game. I loved the old 2D Rayman game. I also like how they seem to have turned his body into a hooded sweatshirt. Rayman stays up with the times, even if this game is in the past.
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