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RE 7 vs RE 2 Remake. Which patch the next Resident Evil game should follow?

RE7 vs RE2R

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Nov 15, 2006
I really enjoyed RE7, particularly in VR. Incredibly atmospheric, lots of tension, some interesting gameplay mechanics, and it was a nice departure from the all out action of RE6.. a game which I didn't enjoy at all.

I would quite happily play another game using your RE7 model and VR, but I would rather the main series builds upon RE2:R. I want to see RE3 before a RE8 however. The PSone games are among my all time favourite games and the RE2 remake was a great experience. I wish they had included spoders, more time in the streets, and possibly some.additional areas outside of the orphanage, but those aside... loved it!
Aug 11, 2019
After lurking for years, this thread made me want to sign up. Hi everyone.

I feel like the boundaries of a first person RE game haven't been pushed as far as they can go after a single game.

I loved the hell out of RE7 and it's probably one of my favorite games of this generation. I remember talking to one of my friends about how RE7 and BOTW did similar things philosophically, but executed them in completely different ways. Both RE7 and BOTW took things back to the series roots while simultaneously putting a new spin on things.

RE7 was the first game in the series since Code Veronica (other than REmake) that felt like OG RE. With the first person perspective and the different approach they took with the story it was incredibly refreshing. I really hope Capcom at least makes one more first person RE game.


Jan 18, 2015
RE2 Remake. 7 has some issues like the molded are meh imo but is the game was a good addition to the series. RE2R did so much right and did the original justice.
Aug 11, 2019
The tank controls with fixed viewing perspective?
I remember the GCN version of REmake had a control option where you would walk/run by pushing down the right trigger (I think they removed it from later releases of REmake). I always thought that was the best possible way to do tank controls. I think it works better than the move-in-any-direction-control option in the later REmake releases.

I think it would actually be cool if they did the RE3 remake in that style, but I doubt that would ever happen.
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