RE Mercenaries 3D re-release in Japan: save file can now be erased, e-Shop ver. 12/27


Biohazard: The Mercenaries 3D is being re-released in Japan as a Best Price budget package release on Dec. 13 and as an e-Shop download on Dec. 27.

Capcom has modified the game slightly so that players can start a new game. The original release received plenty of controversy because the save file could not be erased.

Also, the Revelations demo contained in the original game has been removed from the Best Price/e-Shop version.
Budget priced eShop game is what this should have been in the first place; I got it for 15 at a best buy sale last year and for that price it's a great game
Game was incredibly fun.

With all the art assets they're sitting on these days, I would desperately love a content-rich sequel with a modicum of effort put into it.
But why bother when revelations is out?
because as neutered as Mercs3d is, it's still better than Revelations

How does it compare to RE5 mercs?
Some of the areas are closed off, doesn't have all RE4/5 maps, doesn't have all RE4/5 characters, although returning charaters from 4 are reworked to have 5's melee attacks. When enemies are far away they have like 1 frame animations so the game can run.

It also has the stupid +5 seconds per melee kill that makes having a good score kinda repetitive, which is a personal peeve.

It's mission structured, but missions barely involve more than just difficulty raises, although there's a pair of Wave battles.

There's also skills that you can use that level up, like better handling on a type of weapon or better damage on bosses.
I don't know nothing about Resident Evil, but this was some kind of crazy arcade score attack game, right?

I could be persuaded to try it out with the right price (and maybe a demo).
They can't patch the original? Or can the 3ds not do patches?
3DS can do patches, but I doubt they'll patch this game.

If this release in NA on the eShop for $19.99 or less, I'll double-dip.
I believe this came out before the firmware that allowed game patches. So, it may not have the hooks for it.

Also, there's been like what... one patch for a retail game ever?
Would double dip as well for $20 or less...

I think a lot of other who didn't even know of its existence may buy it as well with the thought that it's just a premium priced eshop title.
It still blows my mind how big of a deal people made this out to be.

I've had my copy for a year and half, and have sunk nearly 100 hours into it. Not once have I thought to myself "man, I wish I could erase all of my high scores".
I got a second hand copy recently for just $4 because the save file thing made this game absolutely worthless.

Good times.

Game is pretty shit though. Capcom didn't put any effort into it at all.