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Ready at Dawn unveils Deformers (PC/PS4/XB1, online/local MP, GameStop) [Previews]

Well seems like a massive departure from the order 1886


Sad to see where they have landed .

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Here's a Polygon preview: http://www.polygon.com/2016/6/2/11835866/deformers-ready-at-dawn-ps4-xbox-one-pc-gametrust

Polygon said:
Deformers is a smash-em-up arena brawler from Ready At Dawn — and it's a blast

The next game from developer Ready At Dawn — the independent studio best known for cinematic action games like The Order: 1886 and the God of War series — is a colorful, physics-based multiplayer brawler named Deformers.

In Deformers, up to eight players can beat each other up as blobby, ugly-but-adorable creatures known as Forms. Players body slam and shoot each other in arena combat that smacks of a squishy, family-friendly Twisted Metal. It's a blast, with hints of Smash Bros., Rocket League and Splatoon, but with a unique sense of style.


During our hands-on time with Deformers, which lasted a few hours, we played free-for-all and team deathmatch modes on a variety of maps. One was a square, symmetrical arena that was built like a skate park, with curved ramps along its walls. Another map was asymmetrical and multi-tiered, not unlike a floating island one might see in a 3D platformer.

Things got more hectic when Ready At Dawn staff switched on "tilting" and dropped us onto a circular arena that rocked back and forth at 25 degree angles. Trying not to fall off while shooting, jumping and dodging was an intense experience.

Although the core gameplay of Deformers is relatively simple, its depth — and its addictive, just-one-more-game nature — is quickly apparent.


The game is all about competitive spirit, producer Alex Salcedo said. In addition to online multiplayer, Ready At Dawn promises four-player splitscreen for local and online competitive and cooperative multiplayer.


In addition to exploring soft body physics simulation development, Deformers was also an opportunity for Ready At Dawn to pursue something new for the studio: multiplayer. Pessino said the developer has plans well beyond what we saw for the game, including more power-ups, characters, arenas and gameplay modes — though the studio wants to make sure the core gameplay is simple and balanced.

"There's going to be a lot more of everything," he said.


They had a shot at AAA glory.
They blew it.

Guess they've learned where their place is



Well, according to their job openings they are in the pre-production phase for an AAA console title based on new IP. I'm going out on a limb and say that this is meant to provide some revenue while the bigger one is developed.


developers cant work on games of different scale, budget and style now?

I dont see how its sad they are making this. a change of pace can be good for a dev studio and it looks fun!


Thought gaf was racist. Now knows better, honorary gaffer 2022
That 30 seconds clip has more gameplay than whole The Order 1886 game.

Oh my gosh! So edgy! The quote streams are going to be coming in fast and furious now!

It looks interesting. I know this is totally a wacky idea but maybe this is the game they WANT to make? I dunno.
Man, they really had a shot at becoming a great AAA studio. The assets they made for the Order 1886 will go to waste :( I think a sequel could have been something amazing.

That being said this could be really fun. Some of my favourite games right now are small party games like Duck Game and Gang Beasts so this is up my alley.


This looks much, much better gameplay-wise than The Order, being 100% honest. Don't quite see the "sad" part, at least they're making an actual game now.


De-Formers man. Not (deformers$. At least get the name almost right if you're gonna break the news.

So you're a ball and... that's all I've discovered.


Oh, man, this is just disheartening. Still hoping RaD gets another shot at The Order. But with a major overhaul at pretty much everything, of course.


Looks cool, hopefully they have some gameplay to back this one up.

Wayyy more interesting than some dude in the past with a gun.
I'm glad they are able to experiment with new ideas, but this isn't for me (neither was 1886 though)

Looks like someone took a Mario Party minigame one step too far
Looks pretty fun and I like the graphics as well, colorful is the new brown.

I don't know if making an arena based multiplayer game is the best thing right now though. That market is getting pretty crowded.
Sad is probably a harsh term , but I actually didn't mind the order (at the very least it looked stunning) so I wish they were picked up to get another chance at a high budget game.

Guess this could turn out to be fun but personally it looked like a mobile game , but if it keeps there company running then good for them.

I hope rumours of them working on another big budget title is true though as I would love to see them get a second chance .
At least they remembered to bring the gameplay this time.

I still have mad respect for what they did graphically in the The Order, though.
It's their Gamestop-licensed game, what did you all expect?

It also could be fun, I like rolling games since Marble Madness.
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