Real PC RPGs Are For Nerds

This is genuinely amazing, the music, the 'shopped backgrounds he's chosen, his accent and costume/make-up had me gripped for all 4 mins. While I don't agree that ALL are deeper and more rewarding, it's easy to see that when you compare a game like D:OS2 to other "RPGs" on console... you can see the quality differences.
I wish I knew which game some of these people were referring to.

"Final Fantasy and Diablo aren't RPGs" then what the hell are they?
FF is a JRPG =/= RPG, when you say "RPG" you are referring to the western style RPGs.
Diablo is uhm...a hack 'n' slash action RPG.
He looks legit fantastic.
I also love acted out social media comments, a german comedy show does that sometimes and its hilarious. Has Jim done other bits like that?
I know he's taking the piss out of people (that deserve to have the piss taken out of them) but I gotta say the types from RPG Codex have a point when they imply that maybe turning a beloved hardcore RPG series into a loot shooter with the dialog complexity of "yes", "no", "sarcastic"(?) and "tell me more" isn't a great idea.
i mean, i get the whole amiel shtick, but i'm not sure it warrants an ongoing series of 5 minute long videos.

But hey, whatever floats anyone's boat, i can just not watch them if i grow tired of them.
Well most of those "hardcore" rpgs get a console port
anyway. I think most of the animosity came because
some pc gamers were afraid, the different input methods would lead to the games being specificly desinged for consoles. Many take the difference between Dragon Age Origins and Inquisiton as proof.
But i think these changes were made because they thought, they could reach a bigger audience, on
consoles as well as pcs. I never bought the argument
that console players only ever want to play simple games.
Hit a little too close to home?
No, I just dont like Jim Sterling ever since the Zelda review. Followed the guy for a long time but he's been going more and more down the road of the easy critique and the clickbaity caps-lock sentences. He's a bit too much over the top for me nowadays.

Also way less funny than used to be.

I dont see why would you quote me to ask me that lol, do you have a problem with me? I don't even know what the video is about since I closed the window immediately after I saw it was JS.