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Red Dead Redemption 2 (Fall 2017, PS4/XB1, Trailer 10/20 @ 11 AM EST) announced

What will ultimately anger people the most about this game?

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If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
Port begging?

Also what makes you so sure? It's even stranger that you just assume months later considering how long it took for GTA V to hit PC.

Because the last few R* games came to PC as well.

The only reason RDR didn't got a PC port was because the code was fucked.


double dipping into this for sure.

PS4 first, then PC.

I just hope there isn't any sort of console exclusive bullshit here, give everyone the same content please.


Again - The 7 guys don´t have to be the protagonists.

They could also be our enemies.

Still hoping for 2 or 3 characters and really, REALLY hoping for one female.


Jeez the port begging is strong in here...
People can't be upset that R* is doing the same they did with GTAV which is trying to "force" double dipping?

The game will come to PC a few months later.


A female outlaw would be a rare thing, and addressing that might not be part of whatever story Rockstar Games wants to tell, whilst ignoring it might just seem ridiculous with the context.

I do think the represenation argument has gotten a little overzealous. I mean, what would be the core motive behind injecting a female protagonist into the game be anyway - 'women can be outlaws too'?

they are writing a fictional story.
You know what's a "rare thing"? Mexico being a 10 minute horseback ride away from mountains covered in snow.
but no! muh realizm!!!!

Also, injecting a female character only means 'women can be integral parts of interesting stories'. ]


Marston never had his own gang from what I remember, he rode with Dutch's Gang

And from the looks of it this seems to be that very gang since Marston is presumably the man on the left

It would make sense, since Marston is the only one looking away, as if to separate himself from the rest of these ruffians

I know it was Dutch's. I meant that.

Now that you have mentioned it, you are right. I was expecting the guy to the left of the middle one to be Marston judging from the silhouettes. Guy at the extreme left does look like Marston.


I'll take 1 protagonist with a much better story over "3 switch at any time characters" with any less of a story.

If they have the writing to support the 3-switching protagonist system, then sure go for it. But I'd much rather get a more grounded tale in one character, like John Marston in RDR.

pretty much this for me. Wasn't a fan of the 3 character switching and wasn't nearly as invested in that as i was in RDR with playing just John Marston.


I wanted a remaster of the first one aswell D: since I never played it.
Well It will be the first time I play red dead then


Lazy title lol. I thought they'd pull a Bethesda move and announce the game six months prior to release. Let's see if they actually hit next fall.
Well it depends, I think the rush job to condemn RDR2 on gender equity on a fucking teaser picture is incredibly premature, especially since RDRevolver had a female playable character and African American.

There was a large African American populace in the Wild West bit if you didn't that era was segregated and racist ...
Though I would love to see a female protag and I'm not optimistic (as per some of my posts on the speculation thread), I agree that this is very premature (especially considering how often Rockstar has key art and such that isn't at all representative of the final game) so I'm going to hold off criticism until we get the trailer.

Also, going off your point, though they have a track record of being terrible with protagonist gender representation, Rockstar has been more representationally progressive than a lot of people give them credit for...numerous black protagonists (CJ, Franklin, the guy from Vice City stories), a Dominican protagonist in Ballad of Gay Tony, playable female characters in every online mode they've ever done (something that Battlefield, e.g., still hasn't done after well over a decade and COD only recently started doing), plus some relatively well done LGBT characters (Gay Tony is fantastic and possibly their best character they've ever written IMO, sorta-kinda-Trevor if you read him that way, closeted Brucie) and a female antagonist in GTA III.

This might not have any bearing on RDR2, of course, but R*'s track record isn't quite as straight white male centric as it may first appear.


I just wonder what the RDR2 online content updates will look like. Horse and carriage skins, better fashion options from the general store, exotic animals to hunt for a limited time?
GTA V and GTA Online are two different games according to Rockstar. so no GTA V is not multiplayer focused. it just includes a multiplayer focused game.

Ok if semantics is your defense; GTAV has way less content than GTAIV if you exclude IV's multiplayer. Single player content is massively less profitable for them, so they're likely going to continue to do shorter single player games and just print money with multiplayer.


I'm so happy that it is not coming to PC!!! Now I finally have a great reason to buy a PS4! :D

/s this is the kind of logic that's actually widely present around here
this guy looks kinda like landon ricketts, minus the hat
Looks a lot like him!
If the game is a prequel and that's john on the left then that totally wouldn't make any sense but if john isn't in this gang and this is a gang Ricketts was in then that theory is quite possible!
Can't we all agree that we don't know anything about the characters yet.

So the people saying "A female outlaw leading a gang would really be against source material, do they not care about history?" or "Why can't Rockstar add a female outlaw, are they sexist?" We also can't really make assumptions about the main characters yet. If you look at the original press releases for GTA:San Andreas or RDR, there's no mention of any strong female characters, yet both of those games have the strongest female characters of any big time games (Kendl Johnson and Bonnie McFarland)

this guy looks kinda like landon ricketts, minus the hat

He sure does. And if this is a prequel, it might suggest that the 7 people in this photo are not allies or members of the same gang. In RDR, Marston had only known of Rickets through his legend, had never had any real interaction with him prior to the events of RDR IIRC.
YES! This is wonderful news and I can't wait to play it. Although I am disappointed in those trying to silence those who are voicing their dissatisfaction with some choices Rockstar made. Their arguments are valid.
Umm what's going on in here?

Why exactly would this game not come to PC?

Aren't we out of that age of third parties kind of missing PC's when they are just ported over from consoles?

Obviously this will probably be on consoles first since they are the lead platforms but I don't think wanting the game for PC's is port begging? It's in some ways almost guaranteed.
But R* didn't propose RDR2 as a game of equal opportunities. Gamers are doing that. Which is fine if that's what you wanted to see in it, but to scold R* as saying "there is no excuse" for not seeing something you wanted is a bit strange. It's their game so there is every excuse for them to do as they please. Best thing to do is vote with your wallet if RDR2 isn't shaping up to be what you wanted from it, and sure give them feedback but with R* it's going to fall on deaf ears. They have already heard it all before.

I've already elaborated previously in here with 3 posts as to why I personally think R* won't break their mold. Without a doubt I think the largest portion of their sales figures go to young males, and unfortunately many young males act childish over playing as a female character. At a corporate level when you spend hundreds of millions funding a game you're going to pander to your largest potential sales base. All forms of media and entertainment are guilty of doing this.
People get childish over women and people of color as leads and Star Wars is doing just fine. And a Rockstar game is essentially on that level in terms of reach and influence (GTA V made a billion in three days).

Life Is Strange, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider were huge successes. Horizon looks like it's probably follow suit

Basically Red Dead would be a huge success regardless of who is the protagonist, so having a woman as the protagonist isn't some crazy risk
I still believe that Marston will be the central protagonist of this game but I can totally picture a story from the perspective of Dutch as well. After all, he is front and center in the image

But Marston looking away in the picture tells me that they are separating him from the rest of the characters, thus, setting him aside to be the central character of the game.

I would be happy either way, but that's just what I'm predicting

If we're running with the idea that it's Dutch's gang, I'll guess that 2 or 3 of those guys will be the playable protagonists, but Marston WON'T be one of them, and instead will hover over the narrative as a sort of tragic figure trying to steer the gang from Dutch and Bill Williamson's (and his own) more reckless and violent tendencies, ultimately causing a rift.


We are really complaining about the lack of women on the main cast of a WESTERN game?
Except for that movie with Sharon Stone I can't remember other story about that time that had a woman as protagonist


eh... I really dont like the name. I wish they would have kept the "R" naming scheme.

Red Dead Revolver
Red Dead Redemption
Read Dead Requiem or something...

Red dead redemption....2 just sounds so..... iunno....

...Im happy tho. :/


You know what... after watching Django Unchained (for the 100th time) just recently ( a month or so ago) and realizing just how good R* are with their games, in particular RDR, it would be awesome if they made a similar game. Going from slave to badass bounty hunter/outlaw.

Not that I dislike John Marston or anything, great character in his own right, but the level of badassery and accomplishement from such a story would be much, much greater than what he can probably ever give us.


I guess we can assume it's about Dutch's gang? Maybe not, but the image seems to suggest it. Was hoping for a new story, but I'll gladly take any kind of more Red Dead!!!!!! Excited!!!!
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