Red Dead Redemption 2 Online should enter beta till the end of November

Well i played the first 3 weeks of GTAV online, and the first week was broken, the second was awesome and the third was full of players with money exploits. We can extrapolate that for sure.
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since GTA online was a money printing machine, it's obvious that RDR 2 online is gonna be the same, that's not my biggest problem with it

my biggest problem with it is that they completely fucked up the amazing gunplay of RDR1, so my hype for RDR 2 online is VERY LOW
Does the cheating and exploits in GTA Online happen on the console version? I thought that was a PC thing.
Oh yes, as soon the players figure out the way to sell cars and keep the money and the cars it was all lost. Everyone has rocket launchers, helicopters and supercars .
One thing I hated about the game was your horse dying. Such a pain in the ass. This better not happen online when some idiot with a Deluxo blows you to hell when your spending a lovely day out fishing!
It's a rockstar online game, it's going to have issues and hackers within weeks of it launching.

I'll give it a go, but I doubt it'll be much fun when people start hacking it.
The fact that ps4 is hacked has me a little worried as I had all my shit stolen in a modded lobby I joined in error through a friend

Also....hope we dont have 5 min loading screens
GTA Online is actually really good, and has had tons of consistent content over the years. It's the hacking and exploits that are the issue. If they can nail that down then RDRO will be great. Strangely I am looking forward to the opportunity to buy a ranch and do some chores. Weird!
GTAO is amazing, op. There's tons of gameplay modes, tons of content, co-op missions (over 80), mini-raids (heists), and even a car boosting mode that's thrilling. I hope it's GTAO and more.
I have always found GTAO amazing, pretty much like an MMO (but in a lot of respects, better). The only issue, I could not get into the virtual "sim-life" setting because it was too modern.

I too hope RDRO is everything like it, and more. I can immerse myself in that setting, since it was a time in our lives we were never able to experience.
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I’ll hope the online will be way better in RDR 2 compared to GTAO, which has everything but shooting matches, and where you and your homies doesn’t get into the same match.