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Red Dead Redemption for PC? Evidence listed on Windows Compatibility Webstie.


Hey Gaf,

I was going through the Windows Compatibility website when I found this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compatibility/CompatCenter/ProductDetailsViewer?Name=Red%20dead%20redemption&vendor=Rockstar%20Games&Locale=1033%2C2057%2C3081%2C4105%2C16393&BreadCrumbPath=red%20dead%20redemption&LastSearchTerm=red%2Bdead%2Bredemption&Type=Software&tempOsid=Windows%208.1

Now from what I understand, Microsoft or Partners can adds software to the database on a regular basis after consideration: "You'll find information on thousands of apps and devices for both home users and businesses. We frequently add products to the Compatibility Centre, so check back if you don't see a product listed. Alternatively, you can submit Feedback and fill out a quick form to suggest that we add a product. Although we cannot respond directly to suggestions, we review all of them to continually update our information."

After that Microsoft and the Developer/Publisher determine compatibility of that product on the different types of Windows OS's:

"To determine product compatibility status for the Windows Compatibility Center, we consider the following:
The product has passed Windows certification requirements and received a logo, which indicates it has met Microsoft testing requirements for compatibility with either Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8, Windows RT and/or Windows 7.
The app publisher or device manufacturer stated this products works with Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8, Windows RT and/or Windows 7. Please note that these products have not undergone certification tests and may or may not be fully supported by the manufacturer. You should visit the manufacturer’s website for more information.
Windows 8.1 is designed with compatibility in mind. If an app or device ran on Windows 8, our goal is that it should run on Windows 8.1. During Windows development, we test most of the popular products and we are providing compatibility statements based on this testing. For products we have not tested, compatibility statements for Windows 8.1 are being provided based on the product's compatibility status for Windows 8.

We also take your feedback into account and make updates accordingly so don’t forget to vote. Since compatibility status can change, please check back for updates

There is also more information about partners get their apps/programs submitted here:http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compatibility/CompatCenter/Partners

I remember a thread along time ago mentioning that Red Dead Redemption is coming to PC with added DX11 Effects and such. If so that fits in with how Red Dead is listed as being compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

Thoughts Gaf?

UPDATE: Microsoft replied back via Email stating the listing as a mistake. See post #239


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I checked for false positives and didn't find one.



This thread will take one of three routes:
1) A bunch of people will hype it up, and one person will actually do their research, and then find out this is nothing to get hyped about.
2) A bunch of people will hype it up, the listing will be pulled, and Microsoft and/or Rockstar will indicate that this is a mistake and means nothing.
3) A bunch of people will hype it up, and the listing will be pulled, but nothing will be said, leading people to believe there's legitimacy to this.
Let's hope for 3.


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Maybe it's also coming to XBO/PS4? The definitive edition thing before RDR2?


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I missed that game only because I wanted it on PC. It's kinda late but 30 dollars sounds like a reasonable price point.
I wonder if his would be part of a "HD" release along versions for PS4 and XBone. In fact, would be cool if they announced this and GTA5 coming to PC and current gen at E3.

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After bearing with the shitty PS3 version, I'd definitely double dip and pick it up for PC


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Okay, I need to know now why you were just browsing the Windows Compatibility website looking for Red Dead.


Great news... If true. RDR was one of my top three games last gen. I played the hell out of it on PS3.

The PC version should be glorious.. I definitely wanted to replay it again.
I wonder if his would be part of a "HD" release along versions for PS4 and XBone. In fact, would be cool if they announced this and GTA5 coming to PC and current gen at E3.

Most likely this. I cannot see them taking the time to do a PC port and not do a XB1 and PS4 port as well. I really enjoyed the 360 version, but a PC version with improved visuals like higher res textures, etc, may just tempt me to double dip.


That's pretty damn indicative, but not of release. All it really tells us is that it was/is at the pipeline at some point.

Of all places to leak, though. That's some chance.


I thought Rockstar said they wouldn't do this because the code was all strange and it would cost way too much or something.

This if true this would make me to upgrade myself outdated pc.


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It's an actual fan project, but yeah I think said RDR listing is fake from the bad spelling alone.

It's spelled correctly, but, yes, the lack of proper capitalisation doesn't instil confidence; however, "I want to believe" because I've been hopeful for a PC port of RDR for about two years now.


Trying to be optimistic, but it seems strange (and unprofessional) that they registered the game as Red dead redemption, and not Red Dead Redemption.

Other than that...please R*, make this (and GTAV) be real. Us PC folks are dying for some news about it. :(

Edit: Seems I'm late to point out the weird capitalization.
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