Red Letter Media |OT| of Movies, Murderers, and Pizza Rolls

Maybe we'll finally get a chance to watch cat sitter
They already saw that didn't they? or was that dog sitter? anyway I didn't think Freddy really added much last time, I wish they have more guest, I think they missed a chance with Len, they should of guide them better, he could have probably give some really interesting insight on the martial art aspect for the ninja movies they watched.
He's the guy who drew the box art for Feeding Frenzy. He likes RLM and RLM likes him.

Edit: He was in Wheel of the Worst #7
He drew the Horse Ninja comic featured in the intro to that wheel episode and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

As well as the Space Cop poster that RLM has been selling on their bandcamp page for years

On a different subject, I hope that when PreRec reviews Zelda they review it with the Best of the Worst sign behind them.
I don't think we give them enough credit. In best of the worst they say silly shit because you're there with your friends, you make jokes. In half in the bag unless it's a big movie they tend to keep it fairly tame. I think Jay would like it and Mike might mention something about the social commentary and make a quick jab so he can make a 'I'm a racist joke' but ultimately enjoy it. Even if either of them doesn't enjoy it, I think they'll likely give a reason as to why. Either performances or issues with the plot.
I skipped through the video to just get opinions. They really liked both so that's all I want to know for now. I'm excited to see them.
Yup, I can't watch a Half in the Bag for movies I actually want to see before actually seeing them. They usually slip into spoiler territory for most reviews, even before they go into a "spoiler" section. This HitB has two movies I really want to see, so that means it'll be a while before I watch the whole thing.
They mostly sidestep the racial commentary in Get Out about race fetishism and stuff. Maybe they weren't comfortable enough to address it, which is fine if they are worried about saying something dumb.
I really disagree with their Logan review the movie really doesn't stand alone, didn't really feel emotional at all watching it. I'm really surprised Jay liked it as much as he did.
It was a nice sendoff for Jackman though.
yeah I don't think I will ever get to Horizon anytime soon. I have Zelda which will last me until Mass Effect Andromeda. And that will likely last me until Persona 5. From there I might be able to go back and find Horizon and Nioh on the cheap to play those.

The problem of having too many new games lol