Red Letter Media |OT| of Movies, Murderers, and Pizza Rolls

it was in an early half in the bag....around the time Drive was in cinemas I think. Make made a crack about the movie they were reviewing being like a shitty haunted house ride.
I think he meant that he's not sure why someone made a Samus variant of Mike's carnival ride image.

I'm guessing it was an RLM fan making a critique of "Metroid: Other M".

Sakamoto apparently wanted to make Other M a literal on-rails carnival ride, but Team Ninja fought him on that, and some would say they didn't fight him hard enough.
Speaking of old men who are definitely going to die this year.

Is Mike on vacation or why is there no content this week?
Im always surprised at how long it takes them to make new content when the excuse of 'were working on a movie' is used. This is their primary source of income too.

I can only assume they spend more time in editing than we give them credit for
On last night's Pre Rec they said they were super busy the previous day(s) filming some super secret stuff.

But we just need to remember they don't release content on a daily basis. More like 1 thing a week if we're lucky.
Man, even on his B-game Cameron Mitchell is entertaining.

Being widescreen and just general video quality.
They might have watched the VHS version but used DVD version during editing. I don't think this is the first time they have used different version for editing purposes either. There was even a joke in this episode about how they might have to use DVD version for one of the movies due to bad tracking on the VHS.
If they have the DVD, it makes it a lot easier to edit into the episode.

Not that they always have the DVD on hand. There's an episode of BotW where they were going to watch some movie (can't recall it's name, had the name "Love" in it) but it got stuck and wouldn't eject out of their VCR. They switched out the movie for something else.