Reign of Fear: A NeoGAF DnD 5e Play by Post Campaign

Fhiess was so focused on his drawing that he is easily startled when a voice other than Ludwig's comes from above him. A little embarrassed, he scratches his hair with his non-charcoal stained hand, "Ah, uh.. I can't make any promises. Right now I would be too terrified of waking any nearby animals with my horrid playing, much less unable to help everyone sleep."

((Sagishi will offer to take the first watch))
<I'll go second>
Sagishi raises an eyebrow as the elf makes his hasty excuses. "I see. Well, a little stage fright is to be expected when performing for new people I guess."

He gets up and starts walking back towards the camp but turns around once more. "But you'll better be getting over it soon, because I'll promise I'll not stop asking until I heared you play." He grins widely before finally walking back to the camp, chuckling to himself.

As the others go to sleep one after another he starts making his rounds around the camp.

Mike M:
Sagishi will also make a few rounds in his real form. So he has Dark vision and keen smell.
((Perception checks for everyone's round of watch duty, unless your character is going to half ass it : ) We'll move on after Nyx gets her piece in.))
Fhiess is left quiet as the man moves away.

Sagishi is serious about asking him to play music every day, isn't he? If only Fhiess didn't wear that silly ocarina around his neck.

1D20+2+2 => (4 + 2 + 2) = 8

Thinking that the rangers would keep the camp safe, Fhiess opts to try out the Bardic magic his pamphlets had taught him: Silent Image. He figured it would be a great tool to create illusions that he could sketch and paint, but he sighs after a few minutes of drawing when the magical image disappears.
((Rolling in advance for fourth watch))
[url=]Perception: 1D20 + 3 = [20]+3 = 23
As his time draws near, Ludwig takes a minute to get back on his hooves. Feeling well rested, he walks into the cover of the trees for a minute to re-don his armor. The J'raffa returns to the camp in time for Keranos to be wrapping up, and promptly commences watching for anything irregular. Taking the watch in a relatively safe area a little too seriously, he uses his height to see what's going on above and beneath the treeline as he patrols around the area. Not focused on anything else but spotting anything that seems off, Ludwig's watch forms a veritable sphere of giraffidaen will around the camp
As the delegates from Remdormo bed down for the night, Sagishi volunteers to take the first watch. If anyone were awake to witness it, they would doubtlessly be impressed by the way the man brings his talents as a ne’er do well to bear on the task, as he vanishes into the night without a trace. His watch is uneventful, however, and there is nothing more noisome than the crackling of the banked campfire and the scurrying of nighttime creatures through the brush.

A few hours later, Sagishi materializes out of the dark into the dim circle of light of the camp and wakes Fhiess for his turn at watch. It’s difficult to keep his eyes off the roiling lights in the sky, but the hours of his tour of duty tick off without incident, and soon he’s able to return to his bedroll and paint the sky in his dreams.

Next up is Keranos, who performs his duty with the practiced, measured efficacy brought on by a lifetime of experience despite his young age. Well before he is due to turn over his duty, however, a dim glowing light appears in the darkness. As it draws near, it reveals itself to be the burning tobacco in the bowl of Barrow’s pipe. “Couldn’t sleep,” he informs the boy. “Figured long as I be starin’ into th’dark regardless, I may as well come and relieve ye early.”

Puffing on his pipe, he appraises the lad with squinted eyes. “Keranos, eh?” he says. “That’s an obscure one. Don’t believe I ever met anyone who worshiped him, let alone claimed t’be him.” He looks Keranos up and down from head to foot as he puffs on his pipe. “Guess I thought ye’d be bigger.”
Keranos wipes the sleep from his eyes and gives Barrow an appraising stare. He decides that mockery - at least the malicious sort - is not in the man's nature.

"Yes, you would think so. And so did I. I suppose after a thousand years of captivity, some amount of atrophy is to be expected." He takes a swig from his waterskin and offers it to Barrow. "It is good to encounter someone who seems to have heard of me. Much as it pains me to say it, until now I have not come across any who have. At least, none who were both sane and sincere. But maybe it's to be expected that the God of Crackin' Noggins would have a greater level of insight than the average man." He smiles.

"So tell me, if you wouldn't mind: Where had you heard of Keranos the Storm God before meeting me? And what of him - of me - did you hear?"

((Just because I can: Insight, to get a read on Barrow's sincerity and motivations, and to have a better idea on how much stock to put in the information he might be about to give me [15] + 4 = 19 ))
From what Keranos can tell, Barrow is displaying, if anything, an unusual candor and absence of snark. &#8220;The stories about Keranos depend largely on who be tellin&#8217; the tale, but the jist of it be the same most everywhere," he says. "Keranos th&#8217;storm god, usurped by Talos, imprisoned by a host of his fellow Oneiroi. Now whether it be a story of treachery and betrayal, or one of risin&#8217; up against a tyrant, that depends on who&#8217;s god ye call yer own. T&#8217;be honest, lad, most folk who know of Keranos think of it as th&#8217;latter. Ye haven&#8217;t been far enough past Remdormo to know it yet, but Talos has quite th&#8217;followin&#8217; out east and up north, as far as Oneiroi worship goes. Me? I don&#8217;t put much stock in it, what history bein&#8217; written by th&#8217;victors and all. But ye best be careful.&#8221;

Barrow reaches into the neck of his tunic. &#8220;I&#8217;ve got somethin&#8217; for ye,&#8221; he says, pulling out a small sack tied around his neck by a length of twine. All along the length of the string are the symbols and signs of dozens of gods and religions. &#8220;I&#8217;m somethin&#8217; of a collector of faiths, ye might say,&#8221; the dwarf says as he opens the sack and spills the contents into his meaty palm.

The sack is full of glass beads of various sizes. They catch the firelight and the night sky in such a way that they seem to glow with an inner light in his hand as he pokes through them with his finger, looking for something. &#8220;Don&#8217;t follow any of them meself, but I also don&#8217;t see th&#8217;point in gettin&#8217; down on Oneiroi folk and callin&#8217; them things like &#8216;moonie loonies.&#8217; Why, &#8216;cause yer religion&#8217;s smaller than others? They all got to start somewhere, don&#8217;t they? Ah, here we have it.&#8221;

Plucking one of the beads from his hand, he holds it before Keranos between his thumb and forefinger. The inclusions and whorls of glass within bears an uncanny resemblance to appearance of the moon that bears Keranos&#8217;s name--Indeed, from what Keranos can see, each of the beads looks to be a representation of one of the satellites of Nyx.

Barrow threads a bit of string through its center, ties it off into a simple necklace, then holds it before Keranos in offering. &#8220;I figure if ye are who ye say ye are, this rightly belongs t&#8217;ye. And if yer not, well&#8230;&#8221; he jangles his necklace as he pours the other marbles into the sack. &#8220;...I figure I be covered either way.&#8221;

((If Keranos should so choose, he can use this as though it were a Holy Symbol. The necklace is small enough that it wouldn&#8217;t count as taking up the associated slot.))

Codex updates:
Keranos takes Barrow's offering and inspects it carefully. "Thank you, Barrow Stonecipher. Though I cannot say I am pleased by the news you bring, I appreciate your candor, and at least I know what to expect moving forward." He stands up and begins unfastening his armor. "I think I shall retire until the morrow. Be well, and know that you have the favor of a god. Should I ever be in the position to lend you a hand, you may feel free to call on me."

He gives Barrow a friendly pat on the shoulder and returns to his straw pile.

((Just to clarify: are you saying there's a moon surrounding the planet that's named Keranos?))
((Yes, each member of the Oneiroi pantheon is represented by a moon of the same name.))

The party wakes the next day to find that the billowy clouds that graced the sky the previous day have moved inland over the course of the night and left them with an overcast sky of steely gray. The dawn is only a lightening of the eastern horizon with none of the color or brightness of a proper sunrise.

“Let’s go!” Barrow shouts, clapping his hand as he wanders through the sprawling camp of the caravan. “Get up, ye lollygaggers! Time t’go, get a move on!”

After a rushed breakfast and the packing up of gear, the party’s wagon is on the roll once more. The rest of the caravan apparently lacks Barrow’s practiced efficiency, and lags some distance behind before they finally get a move on themselves. “No matter if we don’t wait for them,” Barrow notes. “There’s only th’one road, they'll find us eventually.”

The air is stagnant without wind, and the cloud layer above keeps the muggy, warm air low to the ground like a quilted blanket. It is not a miserable day by any measure, but still a marked contrast to the pleasurable weather they had enjoyed for the past two days.

The forest seen in the distance is now close enough to flirt with the road; the road never actually goes through the woods, but at various points it draws near alongside. As the day wears on, the delegation finds itself far enough ahead that the rest of the caravan is only visible as a cloud of dust on the road perhaps an hour behind their current position. At this point, the forest appears to be at its nearest point to the road, only a few dozen yards distant through the grass and scattered trees.

It is from this roadside brush that a figure steps out into the middle of the road. It stands tall, with rust-colored skin and an almost leonine face, wearing battered armor and wielding a greatsword with a blade notched by battle in its hands.

A hobgoblin.

Intelligence Check DC 10:
Hobgoblins almost never act alone.

Insight Check DC 15:
The hobgoblin before you seems unsteady and its pupils are dilated. It’s clearly under the influence of some psychoactive substance or malady.
Intelligence: 1D20+1 = [20]+1 = 21

Insight:1D20 = [14] = 14

Sagishi had been enjoying himself. Riding on the back of the cart brought back a lot of fond memories. He had taken out some of the supplies he had bought the other day and started crafting some firecrackers when the Hobgoblin appears

"Well, so much for hobgoblinfree roads. Seems like those nice rangers missed one. And where there's one there's usually more..."
Int: 1D20+1 => (18 + 1) = 19
Insight: 1D20+2+2 => (20 + 2 + 2) = 24 (lol wasted crit)

Fhiess practically squeezes out the same window Shagishi looks out in an effort to see what's going on. He blinks. "There's something wrong with the monster," he points out. "His poise, he's wavering- like he's drunk or drugged."

<This is such a telegraphed ambush.. or maybe it's not an ambush? That's not my point, my point is that I've got Heroism to cast Who wants it?>
((Pass and Pass))

Keranos hops out of the wagon and faces the creature head-on.

"If you can understand me, then listen well," he says in a threatening tone, with body language to match. He speaks in a loud, projecting voice, so that if there are any creatures hiding nearby, they will also hear him. "We know there are more of you waiting in the weeds. You will abandon your ambush and leave at once, or you will be smited, as is proper for any who threaten violence at a god and his fellows."

((Intimidate Check: [18] + 5 = 23))
((Ludwig could use it if all goes right and he gets a lot of the enemy attention. Technically, I have a cast of heroism too, but Ludwig would probably be better served hacking and slashing.))
[url=]Intelligence: 1D20 - 1 = [13]-1 = 12
[url=]Insight: 1D20 + 3 = [10]+3 = 13
On a hunch, Ludwig opens his senses to see if whatever is backing this lone hobgoblin is fiendish or undead in nature. He conceals this detection be drawing forth a freakishly massive greatsword, roughly twice the size of most men. The sword, almost more a giant slab of metal, has draconic runes written down the blade.

The Invisible Hand

Ludwig glares down at the hobgoblin. He knows it's not acting alone, but despite Fheiss's words, he figures it can overcome its condition if given a suitably dire situation. Using the greatsword's specially shaped hilt to clench it in his mouth, he says "Dif if your wast hance to furrender. Aandon your amush and live to fee anoser day."

((Using detect good and evil, then speech stuff. Not sure if that should be pursuade or intimidate, so since his roll's the same on both, I just did one that can be used at discretion. Though I have no idea if size effects intimidate in 5e, so if it does, that would need to be added. Assuming that's not at disadvantage or something for talking with a hilt in his mouth. Downside of playing a giraffe is I had to find something to bite down on while typing that to get the pronunciations close. :p))
[url=]Pursuade/Intimidate: 1D20 + 4 = [13]+4 = 17
[url=]If Disadvantage: 1D20 + 4 = [15]+4 = 19
((EDIT: going to try and see an ambush through non-detect means too while this is going on.
[url=]Perception: 1D20 + 3 = [3]+3 = 6
Or not.))
((I guess some more hit points can never hurt.))

Sagishi hopes that the Hobgoblin and his presumed friends have enough sense to take Ludwig's threat seriously, if they were able to understand him that is. He isn't all too keen on fighting and preferred a quick get away to outright conflict but just in case he checks his surroundings for a good hiding spot and readies his bow.
Drawing his sword, Fhiess follows Shagisi, being just as keen on the tactical nature of retreat as the other is. Laying into some grass, he begins flipping through a pamphlet and begins recanting a Bardic spell with a whisper, "Let stories be told, for all to know- of the brave and bold, and their sword and bow."

<Casting Heroism on Shagisi: 5 temporary hit points>


bitch I'm taking calls.
((One: Nezumi, Sagashi's guild story was really cool. Two: I can't handle how awesome it is that Ludwig is a giraffe wielding a greatsword in his mouth. Alex, stop being so cool.))
Nyx tries to stay out of sight from the hobgoblin, as well as any potential ambush, and hides under the wagon.

((Got a 7 and a 14 for each check. thankfully people have mention the ambush already so, its fine I assume(i still haven't read the spoiled stuff so idk for sure).))
((Huh, Detect Evil and Good only lets you detect if there is an aberration, celestial, elemental, fey, fiend, or undead within 30 feet, or if there&#8217;s an item or place that&#8217;s been magically consecrated or desecrated. That&#8217;s... Pretty different from 3.5.))

Sagishi is good!

Another five hobgoblins emerge from cover, each of them demonstrating the same jerky, discordant motions of the first. Their eyes are wild and their bared teeth are rimmed with froth. They seem to be entirely dispossessed of fear, but apparently still have enough of a grasp on sense to know that their ploy has been foiled and that there&#8217;s nothing to be gained from remaining hidden any longer.

&#8220;Aw hells,&#8221; Barrow says, dropping the reins and looking about anxiously as though he might find some route of escape. &#8220;They aren&#8217;t about t&#8217;let us go by quietly...&#8221;

((Roll initiative to see who makes the first move. Nyx and Nook have full cover under the wagon.))
((The flowers are just flowers. To hide, you'd have to get all the way up to the bushes, and they'd have advantage on Perception since you're in full view the whole way.))
((it should be noted that druids for some reason, don't get animal companions in 5e, unless I missed something, so sadly, I don't even have stats for nook. apparently rangers only get one if they choose a specific archtype.))

Initiative: 1D20+2 => 8
[url=]Initiative: 1D20 = [15] = 15
Ludwig does a momentary double take and almost loosens his grip on the greatsword out of confusion, but the J'raffa buckles down for combat and pushes any desire to ask questions away until after the fight is done. He hops into a battle stance and gets ready to cut down the group of hobgoblins.
Fhiess gulps, the kobo- hobgoblins are both hostile and driven with feverish madness. His mind begins racing through moments in his life he never got to experience: painting a magical landscape or mythical beast, discovering magical pigment, becoming well renown, finding a cute girl to marry.

Initiative: 1D20+2 => (13 + 2) = 15

He shakes his head. He has to help out in some way.
((Battle music!))

((Hobgoblins beat you guys out for initiative.

Hobgoblin Captain uses Leadership and draws his javelin as he moves forward.

Hobgoblin Archer A targets Ludwig
Attack: 1d20+1d4+3=20
Damage: 1d8+1=2
Hobgoblin Archer B targets Keranos
Attack: 1d20+1d4+3=23
Damage: 1d8+1=7
Hobgoblin A, B, C move up.))

The hobgoblin who stopped the wagon is apparently some sort of commanding officer; his as poor condition as his armor may be in, he’s still better equipped than the rest of the squad as he strides purposefully toward the delegation, sheathing his sword and pulling out a throwing spear. Whatever frenzy has them in its grip does not seem to have extinguished their ability to act tactically and follow orders as the captain barks out commands and makes hand signals. “Pov ghopDu’ Maglubiyet!” he snarls.

At the captains mark, the archers immediately take a knee and target the most obvious threats, the towering Ludwig and the armored Keranos. Despite his inordinate size making him the easier target, the hobgoblin arrow scores little more than a grazing wound as it flies past the J’Raffa’s neck. Keranos does not fair quite so well as the arrow meant for him finds its way into a gap in the joists of his plate armor.

The three sword-wielding advance in formation, keeping their shields up. The one furthest to the party’s right spies Fhiess behind Sagishi, and his eyes take on a particularly malevolent light. “Reh vaq 'ej!” he shouts. “Reh vaq 'ej!”

((Updated map))
((Wait does 80/320 with my bow mean that I can't properly hit something that is closer than 80 ft.? That would suck... I was going to shoot at one of the archers, since I won't get my sneak attack bonus anyway.))
((I almost died laughing after seeing Ludwig's label on the map.))

The arrow grazing Ludwig's neck confirms that it is time to strike these creatures down. His sword begins to glow with a light blue tinge as he gallops into motion. He charges up to the line of sword-wielding hobgoblins, placing himself in front of the wagon to defend the others from the other advancing sword wielders.

Believing that the best defense is a good offense, Ludwig brings his sword crashing down on the hobgoblin up front. As it collides with the hobgoblin, a blast of thunder roars across the patch of land around them, potentially sending the hapless creature flying backward. Ludwig looks to the other hobgoblins and utters "Whofe nekft?"

((Casting thunderous smite as a bonus action, moving to the front of the wagon and attacking Hobgoblin B. I think large still gives him a 10 ft range but I can move another 5 ft closer if need be. If it's still alive it can make a DC 14 strength save to not get thrown back 10 feet, but about that...))
[url=]Attack: 1D20 + 5 = [19]+5 = 24
[url=]Damage: 3D6 + 2D6 + 3 = [5, 5, 6]+[6, 2]+3 = 27
((Anything between 81 and 320 ft would be a disadvantage attack roll, yes.

Large creatures having reach are inconsistent in the MM, as sometimes they don't, and sometimes they do, even if their weapon wouldn't normally have a reach characteristic. I'll go ahead and say your neck gives you reach.

Hobgoblin B is super dead, BTW))
((Anything between 81 and 320 ft would be a disadvantage attack roll, yes.))
((Ah, so I'm not at an disadvantage here because the distance is under 80, well then.))

Being out in the open like that isn't exactly to Sagishi's liking but when arrows start flying there isn't much time for complaints. So Sagishi takes up his bow and focuses on the archer to the right.

Attack at Archer on M3: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17
Damage: 1D6+3 = [6]+3 = 9

((I guess there is no use in using my extra action to hide, since there are no hiding places right?))
<I will use a Bardic Inspiration roll to add a d6 to Shagisi's attack roll>

1D6 => (2) = 2

Fhiess tries to recall one of Hogan's phrases for encouragement, "Uh.. Aim high enough and even your failures will bring results!"

<EDIT: I can't read. I thought it was Shagisi that got attacked, not Keranos. Will post my action soon.>
((Recipients of Bardic Inspitation can bank the d6 for when they want to use it, so Sagishi can add a d6 roll on the next turn. A 17 barely connected since the archers don't have shields, so it's no use this round.))
<From my understanding Bardic Inspiration is a kind of reactive ability, so I should still have a turn. I also thought Shagisi got shot at (which would've just taken away his temporary hit points and did 2 damage) but it was Keranos, so I definitely should heal him.>

After cheering Shagisi on, the newly appointed Bard runs behind the wagon around to get to the injured Keranos, and then flips through his pamphlet to find a new spell to help, "Let's see what it says... Cure!"

1D8+5 => (8 + 5) = 13

<I actually don't know if "spellcasting modifier" is different from "spell attack" or if they're meant to be used interchangeably. If it's different then my bonus will be different but just the dice roll heals his HP>
((You are correct, Bardic Inspiration is a bonus action. Spellcasting modifier for a Bard is just your CHA modifier, so it's 1d8+3 in this case. Tops Keranos off regardless.))