Reign of Fear: A NeoGAF DnD 5e Play by Post Campaign

"No, friends. I don't want to risk more time than we've already taken. We will, however, need some supplies for the journey and I don't think we could acquire them in a single day ourselves... Perhaps that can be an addendum to our little deal, I'm sure you want us out of here as soon as possible and a couple week's supplies for an arctic trek should not be too costly or difficult to arrange for a man of your talents." He nods to the bagman.
((Of course Galen won't hate Fhiess. But, in the interest of dysfunctional parties or something, can Thosar give Galen a material component so he and Sagishi can wander off with little issue?

I have an in-character post half done on a laptop half an hour away.))
((Negotiating for extra supplies would be a persuasion roll. Also, should probably specify what exactly you want; you do have a haversack that produces food and drink in the wagon.))
((Yeah, we have food, clothing, and shelter covered. Aside from fuel, I think we're good.))
Thosar glances to his companions. "A moment, if you please, to determine what we need." While huddled with the others, he asks. "Fuel and a map aside, do we need anything? Also, lets have one of us negotiate this. Ludwig, are you up to a bit of capitalism?"
((Yeah, looks like we already bought winter supplies earlier. Fuel and a map should do it. Maybe climbing gear if Ludwig can get that thrown in, but we can probably do without it))

Ludwig practically laughs when Thosar asks him that and says "Friend, I'm always up for some capitalism. I'll get us what we need."
((The resupplying line from me was mostly an excuse to give me some time to see the glassblower about making some more holy symbol replicas. I don't have any other ideas about stuff we would need))
((Heating stuff and maps it is then))
[url=]Persuasion: 1D20 + 5 = [14]+5 = 19
After a short talk with Thosar, Ludwig lumbers over to the bagman. "To expedite our getting out of here, we're going to need some supplies to take with us. Namely, several weeks' worth of heating oil and coals, along with whatever maps of the White Wastes you can produce. I am certain you can procure these faster and more easily than we could, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that the sooner we get moving, the better. A trivial addendum when you're ultimately getting everything you initially wanted, no?"
((I didn't figure we would actually manage to get something like a Ring of Warmth, which is, at least to some extent, redundant with the equipment we already have. It was more just something related to the party's destination that could theoretically be requested.))

Galen nods. "As quickly as we can be off would be best for everyone involved, seeing as we are now urgently seeking to prevent catastrophe. Any help you can give us in preventing the end of everything you know and care about would be useful."
<This is going to sound incredibly vain but I had a dream where one of the thread titles for a campaign we're playing was changed to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Muun having existed.>

Fhiess simply looks to Ludwig and nods, not having any more to comment.
"Fuel won't be a problem," the bagman says, clearly anxious for the transaction to be completed. "Maps are a more difficult proposition. Foregrun never had business in the north until the Hauntaur occupation, and not much in the way of their records remains. I'll see what we have in our archives, though.

"How soon can you arrange your departure?"

((I know Keranos wanted to visit a glass blower to get more of his tokens made, anyone else have any business they want to do before you get going? You guys are pretty well stocked up from Bellows, and it's still relatively early in the day in-game time))
Ludwig hrms, "We need some time to recover from that forcible reconsideration before hiking into dangerous lands, and it will take some time to find those maps by the sound of it. Assuming you have everything by then, I believe we could be on our way early tomorrow."
The bagman nods curtly. "The guard changes from the overnight watch to the morning watch at six bells," he says. "Be at the tunnel entrance by then, the replacement watch will be unavoidably detained in assuming their posts for fifteen minutes."

With business seemingly concluded, he makes a small bow at the waist and takes his leave.

Svift grins broadly. "I almost wish you lot were sticking around," he says. "You make everything more interesting."

((I know Fhiess and Keranos wanted a few things, but it sounds like we're generally ready to time skip once they get their bit in?

We'll say what you want is included in the Woodcarver's Tools. Costs 1gp and weighs 5 pounds.

Keranos: I had to go back and look it up, but we priced your holy symbol glass beads at 5gp apiece if you want to stock back up.))
((Actually, hold on with the fast forward))

While the others run off to secure the glurg, Keranos has one more ace up his sleeve.

He makes a beeline to the Chamber of Ance and seeks out Majority Leader Sahalish. He deliberately avoids getting into a room alone with her, hoping to catch her on her way back from the voting site, but going inside to find her if necessary.

"Madame Sahalish," he says pleasantly, "Would you care to join me for a quick stroll outside?"

Wherever she agrees to speak to him, he begins the conversation, somewhat louder than might actually be necessary.

"I've come to check with you on your progress with Malador before my friends and I leave town. Did he know anything about the clown-creature called Coulro?"

He immediately begins broadcasting into her mind. Listen carefully. It's possible I'm being followed, so don't react outwardly to any of this.

There is a criminal organization called the Kin, holding an associate of ours for ransom. We are in possession of a dangerous, mind- and body-altering substance that I am certain would be outlawed if the powers that be were aware of its existence, and the Kin have strongarmed my allies into giving them a large quantity of the substance in exchange for the release of our friend.

I don't want these Kin to get their hands on this glurg, but the safe release of our friend is a major concern of ours. We have been given a location and a time at which to meet for the exchange. Any help you may be able to provide would be invaluable, and I would consider it overpayment for my efforts in rescuing your house from mental domination, and in fact would owe you an additional favor.

Now quickly, answer the question about the clown, so your silence isn't overly suspicious.
((And I was going to have Galen suggest somebody do something like that, though he would have expected an attempt at advice in getting the authorities involved from Miss Talbot. Good job, Keranos.

The other thing that Galen would suggest -in silvan- is invisibly tailing the poor fellow and stealthing in to rescue Peaseblossom before the exchange. The issue is that he cannot at this time make stealth any easier, so it could be a dangerous proposition.))
((Sorry, somewhat busy weeks. Sagishi will definitely try and tail the glurg. Not sure how invisibility interacts with stealth, but I'm glad I didn't need to use it in the last battle.))
"Oh, uh, no, nothing about a clown," Sahalish says, loud enough for anyone within ear shot to hear. "According to him, he was given the crystal by a svirfneblin, who turned out to be part of the clerical staff of another Chamber. That one cracked under interrogation right away and claimed it was given to him by a Duergar acting as an agent provocateur of the Drow empire, and that he was under the crystal's influence the whole time. What he was doing even dealing with the Duergar in the first place, he was a little less forthcoming in discussing with us, but we've our best people on prying the truth from him."

There is a brief pause in the foot traffic in the immediate area, and for a moment she is able to whisper without fear of anyone overhearing. "The Kin is a known variable," she says quickly, "a big one. Their reach in Hammerfall is long, longer than you can imagine. Their leader claims to be the direct descendant of Old King Hector and the stone giants, and he has sympathizers everywhere, most especially in the city guard. I'm more than happy to afford you any resources that I can, but I honestly don't know what help I could offer in this."
((Sorry, somewhat busy weeks. Sagishi will definitely try and tail the glurg. Not sure how invisibility interacts with stealth, but I'm glad I didn't need to use it in the last battle.))
((Invisibility is effectively heavy cover for the purposes of stealth. You still make noise though, so a stealth check may or may not be required to remain undetected.))
I see. Then if there is some way you could deputize my allies and I - or some other means to alleviate the legal consequences of actions we may or may not take against the Kin -, I suppose that's all I can reasonably ask of you.

"A duergar, you say?" says Keranos. "And no other descriptive traits? Sounds like we've hit a wall. That is quite distressing indeed. I would offer additional assistance, but unfortunately I am leaving the city tomorrow. It's been a pleasure working with you, Majority Leader."

He offers a handshake, then turns away and heads to the designated meeting place.

((Nothing else from Keranos before the meeting))
The Endowed arise early enough to gather their things and make ready for departure; the hustle and bustle of Hammerfall seems to never die, as the time of day matters little when there is no sky to tell people when it is night and they should be asleep, resulting in a populace that lives on their own schedules.

Barrow, however, seems to care very much what time it is, and is particularly grumpy this morning. "I'm not the one going anywhere," he mutters as he brings the horses and wagon around the front of the inn. "Don't see why I should be up. And fer what? T'trade fer th'wee pixie devil? Bah! Best t'let 'em keep 'er, that'd be greater punishment than anything we could think t'dish out!"

Anyone looking closely, however, can see that he seems to be wringing his hands and tugging on his beard more than usual.


The trip down into the lower levels of Hammerfall is uneventful, though not particularly easy, and definitely not performed without notice. While the means to navigate a horse-drawn wagon down into the depths exists, it is rarely utilized as such; most goods are transported by a series of platforms mounted on pulleys, though these are all unsuitable for this task since none of them are large enough to accommodate the wagon. The lower levels, being less populated than the higher ones, are notably less active than on Thosar and Sagishi's previous visit, as apparently the people down here are accustomed to keeping a more uniform schedule for one reason or another.

At the very bottom, Barrow stops the wagon on the far side of the bridge across from the looming black metal gates and finds reasons to make himself busy. The guards, for all their alleged diligence, don't seem to pay much mind to anything that's not on their side of the bridge, it being the only means of approaching the gates anyway.

The mournful sounds of the bells tolling the hour echo down the chasm, each peal multiplying a hundred times until the air fills with a riotous cacophony of sound. The guards abruptly stand alert and march dutifully across the bridge and past the Endowed, never paying them the least bit of mind. As the sounds of the bells die away, the party finds themselves completely alone on the shore of the swift-flowing river.

A slight splashing sound comes from upriver, then again. Into the light of the alchemical lamps lining the bridge slips a flat-bottomed barge, all painted black and manned by half a dozen figures in black cloaks. With practiced motions, they tie the boat off and leap ashore. All but one seem to be rather burly-built dwarves, the last being considerably taller with the protruding canines of orcish heritage visible beneath the shadows of his hood.

"You have it?" he asks, gazing at the barrels in the bed of the wagon with naked avarice.
Thosar isn't able to tell much about the cloaked men that is not nakedly visible, but his gut tells him that these are probably the sorts of goons employed for physical power rather than subterfuge and are likely exactly who they present themselves as.

As though in answer, one of them yanks the burlap off a load sitting on the barge, revealing a few crates. The half-orc reaches over, lifts the lid of the nearest crate, and pulls out a ceramic jug. "Fuel oil," he announces. From his belt, he pulls a sealed wax tube. "Map," he says. He nods at another of the men, who produces from beneath the folds of his cloak a large green glass bottle sealed with a wax stopper. Peaseblossom flits about within, but seems otherwise unharmed.

"Hostage," the half-orc grins.
As if sensing Fheiss' intentions, Thosar gives a whisper. "These thugs are just here to seal the deal, it doesn't seem like the Kin are trying to be underhanded any more than they have been. I doubt they are alone, though. Everyone knows what we are capable of now after that steam golem, so I suspect at least a dozen more like them waiting for any sign of trouble.

I might also mention, that if we reneg on our deal here, we risk the life and freedom of our dwarven friend as well as the political rights of the drow."
"With half of the original stuff, they already have the capability. This is just a matter of volume and keeping it out of the hands of other parties at this point. Besides, we need to be able to return here without immediately getting set upon by guards, which may well happen if we are tried for murder in absentia. The Kin could easily arrange that if we make a mess here.

There will be a time and place for dealing with the likes of them. Today, however, is not that day. Don't forget the greater mission."

Thosar turns to the waiting thugs. "Start offloading your cargo, gentlemen, we have what you came for. By the way, do handle the crates you get with care, the contents are...Volatile." After giving his warning, he gives a look to Sagishi and walks to the rear of the wagon. "Lets get this over with."
Ludwig leans in with Thosar and Fheiss and whispers "Thosar's right, you know. On top of that, we already made an agreement with them, and if we violate the sanctity of an oral business contract, we're as bad as them in our own right. I still have reservations too, but the time to have headed that off was before making the deal. Let's just do what we can in the white wastes from here."

After that, he resumes standing tall and looking like the group's muscle.
At Thosar's invitation, three of the men spring into action, unloading the contents of the barge. The half-orc places the sealed wax tube purportedly containing the map on top of the bottle containing Peaseblossom before making his way over to the wagon with another of the dwarves on his heels. Throwing back the canvas, they peer inside at the crates of the Glurg, but overlook the kitsune thief crouched in the very back behind the miscellaneous contents of the wagon.

With a heaving grunt, they shimmy the first crate out of the wagon and carry it over to the barge.

((There's enough crap in the wagon between all your supplies and gear that Sagishi can remain hidden if he chooses. These guys will just unload the fuel and take the Glurg without futher incident if they're allowed.))