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Relatively Harmless Stupid Mistakes You Always Make


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So, today I spent ten literal minutes searching for my glasses when they were upon my face. No audience, not being super cute so random, rawr xD or anything.

I also quite frequently say Al Bundy when I'm referring to Ted Bundy and vice versa. Bizarre ice breaker, that.

Tell me the stupid things you can't seem to quit repeatedly doing even though you know better, GAF.


I try to cut my social interactions to 1 hour, after 1 hour i will fit my foot directly into my mouth and have major social misstep. Once you become really good friends with regret it becomes second nature to look back in forlorn. Live in that chaos and don't stop being yourself.


Get important email/text message/voicemail. Realize it's important and will require focus and attention to read/listen through and respond promptly. Put it off because I don't want to deal with it right now. Days go by. Consequences ensue.

This happens all the fucking time. I tell myself to stop doing it and it happens again and again and again.


My mother used to have a problem with sunglasses, she'd stick a pair into her hair, forget she did that and put on another pair. More than once she'd be walking around on holidays with 2 sets on top of her head and another new pair (again) on her face. We used to bust up laughing as she looked like a freak, was hilarious. Now that I think about it, no wonder she had so many pairs lying about the place as nobody would tell her and she must have kept buying more.

The same every summer.


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I think you get some kind of a pass since you can't really AVOID stubbing your toe. Maybe it's your fault for having too much shit to run into, I dunno.
Actually, the only time I stub my toe is on the same bed leg over and over again! I know it's there and try to stay away from it, but it still happens!
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