Relic survey on the future of Company of Heroes

It seems like Relic are considering a new COH game based on their most recent survey.

Some of the ideas that popped up were the ability to mix Allied & Axis units in a new multiplayer mode. Also seems they might be considering different eras, WW1, Modern Warfare etc.

The survey is open to any one, you can put your Steam ID64 in at the end for some free COH2 DLC.
Dear Company of Heroes fans,

The last few months have been crazy busy at Relic. We've released Dawn of War III and announced Age of Empires IV! Company of Heroes updates might have seemed less frequent of late, but we haven't forgotten about nor moved away from our most critically acclaimed franchise. Far from it!

As a matter of fact, we want your opinion on what matters most to you when it comes to Company of Heroes, and what you think should come next! If you could spare a few minutes to take the survey below, we would be immensely grateful.

Bonus: We’ll also reward your participation with some free Company of Heroes 2 DLC :)

Thank you very much,

The Company of Heroes Team
Though I was special one and was going to make my first topic ever, then I found out this one.

Got my survey invite tonight and just finished it. Hoping they're really coming back to CoH for next game. Dawn of War 3 was really big disappointment for me and I had to go back to CoH 2 for my RTS hunger. :(

Oh and how awesome it would be to able play Finland, or other nordics countries? Even Canada, Australia or Japan would be something fresh. Everyone has played US and britain to boredom.
Med and Pacific theaters would most certainly be welcome. Western Front has been done to death. Alternate history is also not a bad route to go as well.

I still maintain that WW1 could probably be better done by the TW team at CA, not because they're a better team however. Mostly because I think the fundamentals existed in Empire and Napoleon to sort of push further for at least a taste of the 20th century without encroaching into WW2 territory.
No modern. They need to go back further - 1940 for CoH3 starring France vs Germany in the low countries.

First expansion adds 1941 Italy vs Uk in North Africa. This means two totally new factions (France, Italy) and no dumb "Germany again" second axis faction.

This would avoid the heavy tank proliferation, avoid stereotypical late war Germany, give us an interesting twist where the Allies have the biggest tanks not Axis and show us new theatres and campaigns the game has never had.
Pacific Theater and we're golden, Relic!
It's not really that good. You'd basically be slowly advancing and mowing down waves of banzai-charging Japanese soldiers. Oh, and occasionally pummeling them into the dirt via the massive artillery disparity enjoyed by the US.

Better would be the 1939 Winter War, or 1940 Norwegian Campaign, or France 1940, or North Africa, or even an alternate history version where Czechoslovakia decides to fight in 1938.

EDIT: Ooor.... The Forgotten War. Korea 1950-1953. The first (and only) time the United Nations went to war.
I'm not surprised to see Relic incorporating fan feedback earlier in the dev process, assuming CoH3 is a ways out. I love and still play DoW3 multiplayer but it's clear they were out of sync with what a lot of their core fanbase was expecting.